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UK News: London weather: BBC release 'most boring forecast ever' predicting 8 consecutive days of almost identical and exceptionally dull weather

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The UK has a reputation for dull weather, with the whole country sometimes seemingly suspended in a strange twilight zone of overcast greyness.

But one particular weather forecast by the BBC over the last week of January might well be the most boring forecast ever as London sees eight straight days of near identical and painfully unremarkable weather.

During this period you should expect no sun, no rain, no snow and a consistently cold, but not too cold temperature, just to make the winter drag that little bit more.

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The period of time in question where it may begin to feel like groundhog day is the week from Monday January 24, right up until Sunday January 30.

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According to forecaster BBC Weather during this odd period you can expect the temperature to remain almost entirely stuck at 8C during the day and 4C at night.

The only deviations from this are predicted to be by a single degree, with a 9C high on Wednesday January 26 and a 3C low on Monday 24.

Incredibly other than those minor slips, it's predicted the temperature will remain uniform for the entire week.

It's not just the temperature too, throughout those seven days the sky will remain resolutely overcast.

Light cloud and either a gentle breeze or light wind is forecast the entire week, which is likely to make each day extend into the next, like some unending mid-winter nightmare.

Perhaps Blue Monday was scheduled a week too soon?

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