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UK News: More universities could face strike disruption this term after reballots

United States: large American universities pinned by a collective complaint

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More universities across the UK could face strikes this term after a fresh round of reballots.

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A further 10 institutions could now face walkouts in disputes over pensions, pay and conditions, the University and College Union (UCU) has said.

It comes after staff at 58 institutions took part in a three-day strike last month ahead of Christmas.

The union’s higher education committee will meet this week to consider next steps and possible dates for action at 68 universities across the UK.

Universities, which could now face strike action this term, include Newcastle, Swansea, Queen Mary, University of London, and Oxford Brookes.

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The reballots came after a number of branches originally fell short of the 50% turnout threshold required by law for industrial action to go ahead.

UCU general secretary Jo Grady said staff in universities are “angry at having their pensions, pay and working conditions continually attacked”.

She added: “Employers, who have demonstrated superhuman levels of intransigence during these disputes, have no-one else to blame but themselves for the position the sector finds itself in.

“We truly hope that further disruption can be avoided – that is what staff and students alike all want. But this is entirely in the gift of employers who simply need to revoke their devastating pension cuts and take long-overdue action over deteriorating pay and working conditions.”

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The UCU claims that cuts to the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) pensions scheme would reduce the guaranteed retirement income of a typical member by 35%.

It has also suggested that pay for university staff has fallen by around a fifth after 12 years of below inflation pay offers, while thousands of academic staff are employed on “insecure” contracts.

The union is demanding that cuts to the pensions scheme are revoked and members are offered a £2,500 pay increase, as well as action to tackle “unmanageable workloads” and “insecure contracts”.

But the UCEA, which represents employers in the pay dispute, says there will be “dismay” at universities where strike action will now be considered.

UCEA chief executive Raj Jethwa said: “There was surprise and disappointment at UCU’s decision to re-ballot hand-picked HE institutions over last year’s pay outcome. Just over a quarter (9 of 38) of the branches reached the legal 50% turnout threshold required for industrial action over pay.

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“While the results will be disappointing for UCU’s campaign leaders, there will be further widespread dismay at all at those HE institutions where strike action will now be considered.

“It is now nearly six months (August 2021) since employees covered by the national pay negotiations saw pay increases of at least 1.5%. The great majority of HE staff understand the financial realities for their institutions and have moved on from last year’s balanced outcome.

“We trust that the UCU will now engage constructively in this year’s (2022-23) multi-employer negotiating round which is planned to begin at the end of March.”

Universities UK (UUK), which represents employers in the pensions dispute, said: “Students will be dismayed that the union is considering more strike action yet still not proposing any solution to this dispute.

“We will be considering the responses to the recent scheme member consultation fully with employers, UCU and USS in the coming weeks.

“The USS Trustee has stated, however, that any further changes need to be agreed quickly – by the end of February – to avoid the start of the punishing and unaffordable cost escalator in April which would see the already high member and employer contribution rates almost double over the next three years.

“No employer has indicated any willingness to pay such exorbitant costs – and we know that if these higher rates go ahead they would have devastating consequences for many employers and price more members out of the scheme.

“We remain prepared to consult employers on any reasonable, affordable and implementable proposal from UCU, including on the level of covenant support they could afford to offer it.

“Meanwhile, we continue to progress work on possible alternative scheme design, a lower-cost option and shaping an independent review of scheme governance.”

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