UK News: COVID-19 vaccine: WHO recommends a 2nd dose of recall for people exposed

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Vaccin Covid-19 : l'OMS recommande une 2e dose de rappel pour les personnes exposées © Markus MAINKA/Adobe Stock Vaccine COVVI-19: WHO recommends a 2nd dose of recall for people exposed Donates in favor of a second dose of recall against the COVVI-19 for the categories of the population "the most exposed" to the dangers of the virus.

Experts from The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that the most exposed people at the COVVI-19 virus are offered a second dose of reminder in order to strengthen their immunity. The WHO Expert Committee on Vaccination Policy (SAGE) said that after a first vaccination, generally consisting of two doses, and a first dose of recall already recommended, specific groups of people should be proposed a Additional injection.

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"We do it on the basis of observations relating to the weakening of immunity, especially in the context of omicron," said Joachim Hornbach, Main Sanitary Advisor, to journalists at a conference virtual press. WHO has already recommended that all adults receive a recall injection four to six months after a first series of vaccinations, which also consists of two injections. But Alejandro Cravioto stressed that the recommendation to make a second recall after four to six additional months concerned only the "most exposed populations". It "does not constitute a general vaccination recommendation of all adults after the first recall," he said.

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The SAGE has estimated that the second reminders should be offered to the elderly, to all people Immunode -depressed, pregnant women, as well as people with pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension and heart, pulmonary and renal diseases. Health personnel of all ages should also receive the additional dose, said Cravioto, insisting on the need to "protect our health systems".

For the moment, these recall recommendations concern the available vaccines developed to combat the initial strain of the COVVI-19. The WHO said that it would assess the new vaccines developed by laboratories such as Moderna and Pfizer, which target new variants of omicron.

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There were 5,450 patients in hospital with Covid on Monday, official figures show, eclipsing the previous record of 5,390 during the first Omicron wave in January. That figure has soared from about 3,000 a month ago, amid the spread of the highly infectious but equally mild BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of Omicron.Australia was hailed as a Covid success story early in the pandemic when it managed to keep cases at virtually zero by turning itself into a hermit state with repeated lockdowns and border closures.

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