UK News: airports rely on CT scanners: Faster luggage controls

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At the two largest German airports, passengers can hope for more convenient and faster controls of their hand luggage from next year.

Am Flughafen München soll die Kontrolle des Handgepäcks bald bequemer und zügiger werden. © Lino Mirgeler/dpa at Munich Airport, control of the hand luggage will soon become more convenient and quicker.

While Munich has already announced an expansion program with a volume of 45 million euros, among other things, for 60 new luggage scanners, the Frankfurt operator Fraport also wants to set up 7 devices from the beginning of the year.

upper limit for the size of the liquid containers falls

The scanners should make life easier for guests because they no longer have to unpack liquids and electronic devices in the future. The previously valid upper limit of 100 milliliters per liquid container also falls, as the South Air Office of the Upper Bavaria announced. Especially inexperienced passengers have so far caused time losses at the checkpoints if they had not pre -sorted the liquids in their hand luggage.

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The devices examine the hand luggage with the technique of computer tomography (CT) known from medicine. Instead of only fewer supervisory images, they deliver hundreds of shots of the luggage without lust for the pace, which enables three -dimensional views on the control screen and the layer of fluoring the pocket content. Fixed and liquid explosives can also be recognized by the devices. The fluid restrictions in air traffic were introduced to terrorist defense in 2006.

Great Britain also aims at a quick expansion. Several British media reported on Thursday about a program that should be completed by mid -2024.

New technology already tested in other countries

currently have two test devices at the German airports Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. For a long time, the federal police could not get through the new technology that has already been tested in the United States, but also in EU countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands or Estonia. At the end of 2019, the federal police had declared that the devices had no surgical added value "according to the previous state of knowledge". In Corona pandemic, the pressure on more efficient controls had dropped due to the low passenger rank, so that the British program was delayed. In addition to the scanners,

passenger numbers rose rapidly

 passenger numbers rose rapidly after the end of the Corona doldrums After two years of Corona, the number of passengers in Bavarian air traffic has so far more than tripled this year. From the beginning of January to the end of September, 27.1 million passengers started and landed at the three airports in Munich, Nuremberg and Memmingen, as the State Statistical Office in Fürth announced on Thursday. Compared to the previous year, this was an increase of 214 percent.

48 newly designed control tracks are also to be installed in the two Munich terminals. They should enable the process to be processed faster because up to four people can put on their luggage at the same time. According to the notification, up to 160 percent more passengers can be checked in the same time in the new traces than in the previous facilities. Similar traces are already underway in Frankfurt and are to be expanded under Fraport direction.

Faster passenger controls without security loss

The German air traffic industry has long been calling for faster passenger controls without a loss of security. According to the ADV airport association, today's procedures bind too many resources and represent a "serious burden for both traveling citizens and the economy". "We welcome the new technology," said a spokeswoman for the largest German airline Lufthansa.

The Federal Association of German Air Traffic Management (BDL) is also for a quick expansion, but also points out possible problems for transit passengers. If Britain increases the amount of permitted liquids in the hand luggage, CT scanners can only ensure that they do not contain any explosives. Passengers who travel from UK to the Schengen region to take a connecting flight from there would have to undergo a follow -up at the transit airport.

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