India: unfavorable appointment: CDU party congress is in the autumn holidays

CDU: "I give the rules before"

 CDU: CDU party feet Armin Lashet explains after the nomination of Hans-Georg Maaßen, which he expects from the controversial candidate in southern Huringen. © Andreas Gora / Getty Images Good mood makes the Causa Maaßen not exactly the CDU party chairman Armin Lashet. "I give the rules before" Armin Lashet radiates so satisfied as if he had already won the general election. However, only on a poster that they have hung in the CDU headquarters of their Chancellor's candidate.

The mood was positive at the session of the CDU country board on Monday evening. NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet was praised by the former NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Christa Thoben for his in their opinion a very successful appearance at the ARD Talkin Anne. All attacks were well stored, it was said. Lashes have shown that he has chancellor format.

Armin Laschet hat klargestellt: „Mein Platz ist in Berlin.“ © dpa Armin Laschet clarified: "My place is in Berlin."

The meeting of the state council was expected with tension. Finally, it was about clarifying a conflict.

NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reule had proposed to choose a successor of Laschet as Chief of NRW-CDU as soon as possible on a state party day. Similarly, NRW Transport Minister Hendrik was commented.

Merkel speaks to Dutch "Exemption Day" about restriction of the fundamental rights

 Merkel speaks to Dutch Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has honored the special friendship with the Netherlands after the end of the war and today's challenges for freedom and fundamental rights through the Corona Crisis highlighted. "For the first time since the Second World War, fundamental freedoms have been limited to a degree, as that was out of our imagination before the pandemic," said Merkel on Wednesday at her speech that she was virtually held.

No discussion about earlier new election

But after lashing already looked through in an interview on the weekend that he would hold a postage of the appointment to the time after the federal election for right, many of his opinion joined. The body decided unanimously to lay the party congress for the 23rd of October. A controversial discussion about the topic did not take place.

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Laumann pleaded for shift

also contributed to the fact that Laumann had left to Carl-Josef Laumann, to justify the adjournment. The Münsterländer has a particularly high authority when it comes to assessing the pandemic situation. Laumann declared that the Corona situation will probably not allow a reference party convention with up to 1000 participants before the summer holidays.

Schleswig-Holstein loosens corona restrictions

 Schleswig-Holstein loosens corona restrictions vaccinated, gourmet and tested can make holidays again on the Baltic Sea. So it decided the state government in Schleswig-Holstein. Facilitation should also be given to Kita, School, Sports and Culture. © Chris Emil Janssen / Imago Images / Chris Emil Janßen Schleswig-Holstein goes in the Corona Pandemic further opening steps in tourism and other areas.

The appointment 23 October, however, triggered criticism. Reul crimped, the date trap to the last weekend of the autumn holidays. It was discovered that a shift is a little taking little for a week, because then the party congress on the extended all saint weekend. Earlier appointments would not be in question because of the proximity to the general election.

also combat candidates are possible

Josef Hovenjürgen, Secretary-General of the NRW-CDU, said our newspaper on Tuesday on request, it was completely open whether one or more people will be applied for the state chairmanship. The Land Party Day will be in time before the departure of the Prime Minister. The place of the event is not fixed yet.

Steinmeier releases Giffey officially from the office .
Berlin in the afternoon. After the resignation of the Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey, Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht will take over her tasks. The resignation was followed on continued discussions on the doctoral thesis Giffeys. © Michele Tantussi Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU - L) speaks before the weekly cabinet meeting in the Chancellery with Franziska Giffey (SPD), Federal Minister of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth.

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