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India: India has administered one billion doses of VVID-19

South Africa: The first Messenger RNA vaccine in preparation

 South Africa: The first Messenger RNA vaccine in preparation © Towfiqué BARBHUYA / UNSPLASH South Africa: The first Vaccine in RNA messenger on the continent in preparation South Africa, which militates for equitable access Anti-Covid vaccines, has embarked on the design of a first African vaccine at RNA Messenger (mRNA), to terminate the continent's dependence on rich countries. The innovative mRNA technology is to inject in the body of genetic instructions that dictate the patient's cells what to make to combat the disease.

  L'Inde a administré un milliard de doses de vaccin contre le Covid-19 © AFP

India administered Thursday SA billionth VVID-19 vaccine dose, announced the Ministry of Health , six months after a devastating outbreak of cases that had been afraid of the collapse of the country's health system.

According to the government, about three-quarters of the adults of this country of 1.3 billion people received an injection, and about 30% are completely vaccinated.

Hundreds of millions of Indians under the age of 18, which account for about 40% of the population, however, have not been vaccinated.

India knew in April and May a very high peak, recording more than 400,000 infections and 4,000 deaths per day. Many hospitals, submerged from patients, had been unable to cope, and crematoriums had been overwhelmed.

By receiving Kenyatta, biden announces new vaccine donations for Africa

 By receiving Kenyatta, biden announces new vaccine donations for Africa © AFP J OE Biden received Thursday in Washington Hive Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta, first African head of state to be invited to the White House by the Democratic President, who took the opportunity to announce new vaccine donations. The United States will send 17 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the African Union, in addition to the 50 million doses already sent to the organization, the Democratic President, in the Oval Office , before his interview with his host.

Cases have since declined sharply, with less than 15,000 infections a day, and most activities have returned to normal.

Bombay, the economic capital of India, recently recorded a day without any deaths related to COVID for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked health professionals. Special ads have been made in train stations and airports, and monuments have been illuminated with national colors to celebrate this important step.

To celebrate the event, the Minister of Health, Mansukh Mandaviya, must present an unprecedented song interpreted by singer Kailash Kher and audiovisual production at the Red Fort, New Delhi location.

"Congratulations to India! This is the result of the competent direction of the visionary Prime Minister Modi," he tweeted.

Paying Tests, New Caledonia again confined ... The point on coronavirus

 Paying Tests, New Caledonia again confined ... The point on coronavirus New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: the point of this Saturday, October 16, 2021 on the latest evolutions of the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world. © Reuters / Tatyana Makeyeva / File Photo The situation in France the tests now pay for non-vaccinated. The CVIV-19 screening tests became paid on Friday for non-vaccinated French, which seemed to accommodate this new rule in front of pharmacies.

Video: The EU has exported more than one billion doses of anti-Covid vaccines (AFP)

452.000 Deaths

India is the second country to have administered one billion doses after The China , which injected more than 2.3 billion according to Beijing.

India has begun vaccinations in January and, after slow start, it now injects about eight million doses per day.

"During the first wave, I remember hearing people wondering if the coronavirus was real or not," said Reham Ali, a 49-year-old taxi driver in New Delhi, who said they received an injection.

"Now people know that it is and there is less hesitation. The second wave has opened our eyes," he continues.

Vaccine exports, interrupted at the beginning of the year, have tentatively resumed, and the authorities argue that the "pharmacy of the world" will revolve again in 2022.

Most of the restrictions being lifted, the crowds were able to celebrate This month the main season of religious holidays in India for the first time in two years.

Spahn wants to end Corona exceptional situation

 Spahn wants to end Corona exceptional situation Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn does not want to extend the so-called epidemic location of national scope. Many restrictions that were imposed because of the pandemic could then be canceled. © Xander Heinl / Photothek / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave How a Ministry of Ministry announced, Health Minister Jens Spahn pleaded to leak the epidemic situation of national scope.

The festivities have aroused concerns about a new wave of infections, and the government encouraged the population to be injected a new dose.

Last week, a group of experts from the Indian Drug Regulatory Authority recommended the use of COVAXIN, one of the seven COVID-19 vaccines approved in India, for under 18 years.

"I think it's unlikely that we attended a third wave that resembles in any way in the second wave," said Dr. Gangandeep Kang, from Christian Medical College of Vellore in the states of the Tamil Nadu (Southeast).

A scenario that could not happen to happen that "if we have a completely new virus variant. It will then be a new pandemic," she told AFP .

Officially, India recorded just over 34 million infections and about 452,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, although this figure is generally considered largely underestimated.

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Hapag-Lloyd raises profit forecast for 2021 significantly to .
The defenses in global container ship traffic allow the profits at Hapag-Lloyd even more bubbling than anyway expects. © Marcus Brandt / DPA Hapag-Lloyd benefits from the rising prices for container transports. "As the earnings dynamics should remain at a continuing high level, the Management Board of Hapag-Lloyd AG today decided to raise the earnings outlook," the Hamburg Group reported on Friday. before interest and taxes (EBIT) is therefore intended to jump out a profit in the range of € 8.7

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