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India: Facebook: New revelations on the role of the network in the diffusion of hateful content in India

for virtual world "Metaverse": Facebook wants 10,000 jobs in Europe.

 for virtual world Facebook is under pressure according to the revelations of a whistleblower and massive failures. But now the group announces a major investment. © Photo: DPA / AP / Jeff Chiu Shield in the Facebook Center in Menlo Park (archive image) Facebook wants to create 10,000 new highly qualified jobs in the European Union in the coming five years to build the virtual world "Metaverse" . The announced Facebook top manager Nick Clegg on Monday in a blog entry.

Facebook : nouvelles révélations sur le rôle du réseau dans la diffusion de contenus haineux en Inde © Pixabay Facebook: New revelations on the role of the network in the diffusion of hate content in India Several internal documents revealed this weekend point The role of Facebook in the spread of hate content on its networks in India.

The role of Facebook in the spread in India of images and hatewithing likely to exacerbate the intercommunity conflicts has again been put forward this weekend via the disclosure of internal documents by various American media. Recovered by The Frances Haugen Alert launcher, These documents have already fueled several revelations on the impact of Facebook and its WhhatsApp and Instagram subsidiaries on the intense polarization of political life in the United States or the psychological health of certain teenage girls.

The Voice All-Stars: a unavailable coach Saturday, the final will be recorded!

 The Voice All-Stars: a unavailable coach Saturday, the final will be recorded! © Thomas BRAUT / ITV / TF1 / Office 233 The Voice All-Stars: A unavailable coach Saturday, the final will be recorded! For agenda issues, one of the five coaches of The Voice All-Stars could not be present Saturday night for the big final final. The production has therefore decided to record it ... explanations.

Saturday and Sunday, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Washington Post, among others, focused on the presence of Facebook in India, its largest market with 340 million users. According to them, the group of Mark Zuckerberg was well aware of the growing presence of problematic content aimed at the Muslim community, but did not deploy sufficient means to hinder this phenomenon. This attitude is part of the wake of what the alert launcher denounces more generally: Facebook knows, and studies, the problems but chooses, in large part, to ignore them or not to devote sufficient resources to circumscribe them.

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a report from the July 2020 business researchers has shown that the share of incendiary content is skyrocketing from December 2019 in India, says The Wall Street Journal. "Rumors and violence calls were particularly propagated" on WhatsApp in February 2020, when clashes between the Hindu majority and the Muslim minority did dozens of deaths, points out the daily. Conscious of these problems, the group has sent dozens of researchers in the field to chat with users.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert: His regret on the change of the day of diffusion of Koh-Lanta, Legend (VIDEO)

 Alexia Laroche-Joubert: His regret on the change of the day of diffusion of Koh-Lanta, Legend (VIDEO) © Laurent Vu / Haedrich Jean-Marc / Sipa Alexia Laroche-Joubert: his regret on the change of the day Diffusion from Koh-Lanta, Legend (Video) The new season of Koh-Lanta carton on TF1, although it is not broadcast on a Friday as usual, but on Tuesday. The producer of the show, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, returns to this selection of controversial programming. For twenty years, viewers are appointment every Friday night to follow the adventurers of Koh-Lanta .

Facebook also had February 2019 created a fictitious account, that of a 21-year-old woman in northern India, to better understand the user experience, reports several media. Without any indication, the account quickly found propaganda flooded for the Nationalist Prime Minister Hindu Narendra Modi and hate speech to Muslims. "I saw more images of deaths in the last three weeks that I saw in all my life," wrote the researcher in charge of this experimentation according to the New York Times.

The budget for misinformation mainly for the United States

The group is "well aware that a lower moderation policy in non-English-speaking countries makes the platform vulnerable to misuse of ill-intentioned people and authoritarian regimes," says The Washington Post. According to an internal document, the vast majority of the budget dedicated to the fight against misinformation is intended for the United States, even if they represent less than 10% of users.

TRUTH Social: Trump's new social network: Other users grabs his username

 TRUTH Social: Trump's new social network: Other users grabs his username because of the dissemination of false information was the former US President Donald Trump was banished by social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Now he is planning to launch a new own network - and must take the first setback directly. © Picture Alliance / Mehmet Kaman / Trump's new network should be called "TRUTH Social". to the US Election This year, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook were an important remedy in the election campaign and communication for Donald Trump.

Responding to these new revelations, the social networking giant emphasizes having significantly strengthened its fight against problematic content in recent years. Facebook has "invested significantly in technologies detecting hate speeches in various languages, including Hindi and Bengali," said Sunday spokesperson in a message to AFP. It also has more than 15,000 people monitoring content in more than 70 languages, including 20 languages ​​spoken in India.

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regularly criticized to worry mainly of English-language content, the company also expresses the automatic detection of problematic content to other languages ​​spoken in India and ensures already having algorithms operating in Hindi, Bengali , Tamil and Urdu. The company therefore halves the volume of this kind of comment, which represent only 0.05% of the contents around the world, he added. "Haine speeches against marginalized groups, including Muslims, are increasing around the world" and Facebook "improves the implementation of its rules" as and when this evolution has also noted the carrier. Word. The influence of the group in India had already been pointed out in 2020 after revelations of the Wall Street Journal accusing it of a certain complacency towards the Hindu nationalist power in order not to harm its commercial interests.

Facebook whistleblower fears for their safety .
San Francisco. With the unveiling of Facebook Interna Frances Haugen has the online network put under new political pressure. The former Facebook employee calls for more transparency - and is afraid for himself © Christophe Gateau Frances Haugen at a meeting in Berlin.. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen worries after going to the public for their safety. "What am I most afraid of is probably not Facebook.

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