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India: In Sudan, the army suspends the democratization

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À Khartoum la capitale, mais aussi dans d’autres villes au Soudan, les manifestants ont défilé en masse lundi 25 octobre. (Photo by AFP) © AFP in Khartoum the capital, but also in other cities in Sudan, the protesters marked Monday, October 25. (Photo by AFP)

The civil prime minister was arrested, the dissolved government and the state of emergency proclaimed by General Al-Buhrane. But civilians went down in the streets of Khartoum to defend democratization.

The continuation or stop of democratization started two years ago in the Sudan , a poor country of 43 million, after the eviction of the dictator Omar El-Bashir, a military in power since 1989, is played out presumably these days.

Under the pressure of the street, the army had arrested in April 2019 and a hybrid regime associating on civilian and military equality, the Sovereign Transition Council, had been put in place. This structure chaired by General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane supervised the Government of Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, Technocrat passed by the African Development Bank. It had to drive Sudan to free elections in 2023.

Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum

 Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum Sudan-Politics: Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum © Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum Khartoum (Reuters) - Most Civil Government members of Sudan were arrested on Monday, as well as many political leaders supporting and a member of the Council of Sovereignty, found journalists from Reuters, while the army. 'Is deployed in the capital Khartoum to restrict the movements.

This transition council, the military no longer want it?

The arrest of Hamdok and several ministers and political leaders does not surprise Raphaëlle Chevrillon-Guibert, researcher at the Research Institute for Development (IRD): when they reversed Bashir, the soldiers had no intention to associate civilians. They did it only forced and forced, because civilians still remained mobilized in the street.. General Burhan, had the threat to the threat to the quarrels between politicians, it must always deal with popular aspiration: he promised a new government and the maintenance of elections in 2023.

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In Sudan, three protesters killed in a coup that hangs the transition why this boost now?

The transition schedule provided for a flip-flop, at the end of November, the military to give pre-eminence to civilians. Hence the recent rise in tensions.

Sudan: The Prime Minister returned to his home, under surveillance

 Sudan: The Prime Minister returned to his home, under surveillance Sudan-Politics-Hamdok: Sudan: The Prime Minister returned to his home, under surveillance © Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Sudan: the Prime Minister returned to His home, under surveillance Khartoum (Reuters) - The Prime Minister of the Sudanese Civil Government, Abdallah Hamdok, is now at home, said Tuesday to Reuters a source in his services and a safe source, without giving more details.

Thursday, protesters had challenged.

one, mobilized by regional leaders rallied to the army, claiming the overthrow of the government, accused of all evils (unemployment, inflation, shortages ...). The others warning against any return back. in backdrop, there is money. Departments were beginning to complain about not having access to some resources. This army controls whole sections of the economy and she intends to keep her privileges, says Raphaëlle Chevrillon-Guibert.

Is it the end of democratic hopes?

The story is not written. At the call in particular of the Association of Sudanese professionals, the spearhead of the Democratic camp, thousands of civilians have invested the streets of Khartoum and large cities, erected barricades and defied the soldiers, who pulled and made at least Three dead. Many will depend on their number and determination, "says the researcher. In 2019, Bashir had only fallen after four months of sit-in and several bloody episodes.

For her, the international community has real levers, including financial: its attitude within 24 hours can be decisive to stop the tanks. " Thanks to the democratic transition, Sudan has seen hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, and the lifting of American sanctions allowed it to recover access to international appropriations, those of the IMF in particular. Khartoum can hardly do without it.

Sudan: In the wake of the putsch, the supports of the old diet seem to return to strength .
© AFP - ASHRAF Shazly General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan at a press conference in Khartoum, October 26, 2021. Civilian leaders arrested during General Burhan's coup are still not found, said their lawyer Kamal Al-Jizouli, who worries about their health and possible judicial suite. But Sunday, several figures of the old regime of Omar El-Bashir are out of prison, before being stopped again.

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