India: Elisabeth II renounces participate in COP 26 "on medical advice", a few days after its hospitalization

After hospitalization, Queen Elizabeth II will no longer make public appearance until November 1,

 After hospitalization, Queen Elizabeth II will no longer make public appearance until November 1, © George Rogers / SIPA after hospitalization, Queen Elizabeth II will no longer appear public until November 1st After spending the night from Wednesday 20th to Thursday, October 21 at the hospital, Queen Elizabeth II returned to his palace. But the 95-year-old British sovereign will no longer visit any public event before November 1st. The United Kingdom trembled by learning in recent hours that Queen Elizabeth II had been hospitalized.

Elisabeth II renonce à participer à la COP 26 © SIPA Elisabeth II renounces participating in COP 26 "on medical advice", a few days after hospitalization a few days after Increasingly concerned hospitalization, it is learned that the 95-year-old monarch has annulled its participation in the Glasgow Conference of 2021 on climate change.

The concern continues to grow. In the night of Wednesday, 20th to Thursday, October 21, Elisabeth II was hospitalized at Edward VII Hospital. According to a release from the Buckingham Palace, the 95-year-old England Queen has been admitted for "preliminary" exams. " Following a medical opinion to rest for a few days, the queen went to the hospital Wednesday afternoon for preliminary exams, returning to the castle of Windsor at the time of lunch today, and remains In a good mood "Had we learned on Thursday, October 21st. Not enough to reassure many royal experts overseen . And the news that has just fallen does not bode well ...

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your browser does not support this video This Tuesday, October 26, we learn that Elisabeth II will finally participate in COP26, the conference of Glasgow of 2021 on climate change. "

After being advised last week to rest at the Windsor Castle, the Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen had decided not to go to Scotland for the # Cop26 " said the Royal Omid Scoobie Expert on Twitter. An event to which the Queen of England was supposed to participate on November 1st. VIVE concern around the state of health of Elisabeth II

a news that necessarily arouses further concerns around the health status of the 95-year-old monarch who, in recent months, has experienced many particularly painful moments . While brightly

tensions separate his grandsons, the Princes William and Charles , it is the death of his dear and tender husband, Philip, last April, who seriously gave him a morale. Always faithful to its commitments and the British, Elisabeth II has continued to prove how important it was to honor its rank and responsibilities. A few days ago, Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, who has been reassuring by explaining that the Queen had already returned to his offices. However, according to the information of BFMTV, the Queen was supposed to rest until 1 November next , date of the high political peak in Glasgow. Finally, it will not attend the COP26, for the same reasons for resting it at rest in recent days, to believe the first information ...

After Being Advised Last Week to Rest at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace Have Announced That The Queen Has Decided She Will Not Travel to Scotland for


October 26, 2021

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