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India: Kazakhstan: "The situation in Almaty is rather stable" after the riots

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Receiving the Security Council, Tokayev with

 Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Receiving the Security Council, Tokayev with Trucks - Reuters - Stringer Military trucks are seen near the office of the mayor during events triggered by the increase in the price of fuel, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the January 5, 2022. Protesters took control of Almaty airport, the main city of Kazakhstan, Wednesday, January 5, while the government resignation did not appease the protest movement against rising fuel prices. in this country of Central Asia. In Kazakhstan, events rushed this Wednesday.

Des habitants d'Almaty le 9 janvier 2022 après les journées d'émeutes meurtrières qu'a subies la ville. © Alexandr Bogdanov AFP of the inhabitants of Almaty on January 9, 2022 after the day of murderer riots that have suffered the city.

The President of Kazakhstan Kassim-Jomart Tokayev announced that the Safe Alliance taken by Russia will begin by two days to withdraw its forces from the country. The economic capital and largest city in the country, Almaty, was the hardest hit by violence. Many public buildings have been ransacked and the looted businesses. Today, life gradually resumes its course like Danara Ismetova, a journalist and resident of Almaty.

RFI : How is the situation in Almaty after the violence of the last days?

Images of the 2019 Iraq repression used by anti-vaccine accounts

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DANARA ISMETOVA: The situation in Almaty is rather stable. We can go out shopping, we can even go to work. Public transport works partially. The only constraint is that must be returned before 23 hours, since a curfew is in effect.

Of course, in the street, there is no crowd, but people start out as and when. You can see people with shopping bags. There are also cars circulating and we assume that some go to their work, even though many people have started working at a distance in recent days. There are necessarily fewer people than usual in the streets and everything is less merry than before January 5th.

What is the atmosphere and state of mind of the population?

I think there is anxiety: we are called, we give themselves news. But I feel that today everyone is persuaded that the situation will stabilize and that, in a few weeks, we can come back to normal rhythm. People are no longer afraid of going out knowing that we have announced that the city was under control.

Already more than 5000 arrests for protests in Kazakhstan

 Already more than 5000 arrests for protests in Kazakhstan more than 5,000 people have been arrested in connection with the violent protests in Kazakhstan so far. Overall, 5135 people have been set, Kazakh media reported on Sunday, citing the Ministry of Interior. Accordingly, the ministry appreciated around 175 million euros. More than 100 shops and banks were looted and more than 400 vehicles were destroyed. © Alexandr Bogdanov More than 5000 people have been arrested in connection with the violent protests in Kazakhstan so far.

The human balance of violence has not yet been established. The riots have been described as "terrorist aggression" by the authorities. They had started by demonstrations against rising fuel prices. Do we know more about the looters?

There are reflections on this topic, but we do not know more about them, officially. We know that there were all kinds of radicals. Two soldiers' bodies were found with the deapite heads. There were also victims among the police. Many shops in Almaty have been destroyed and looted. But from there to identify the profile of these aggressors, it's delicate. Many experts believe that it is a mix of profiles: ordinary criminals that have decided to take advantage of the situation and radical Islamist criminals.

If we were very worried about these attacks in the city, it is because we knew that weapon stores had been looted. Videos have circulated, showing cars that brought weapons to people on the street. And these people, in a very organized way, took these weapons. All this has created a lot of worry.

Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence

 Kazakhstan-of Kazakhstan-events / (photo): Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence Almaty, January 9 (Reuters) - a number of "Strategic Sites" in Kazakhstan are under the control of the Military Alliance led by Russia to restore the Order, said Sunday the Office of the Presidency, while the country is confronted with the worst violence since its accession to the Independence Thirty years ago.

Kazakh MPs confirmed the appointment of a new Prime Minister, Alikhan Smailov, after the government's resignation last week in an attempt to calm the protesters. Is this appointment interpreted by the population as a sign of a return to normal ?

I do not think we are in the interpretation. Currently, we are rather reassured that the Order is coming back in the city. It was also reassured by the arrival of the forces of the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty (CBSO) that we do not qualify "Russian troops". For us, it is rather the forces of the countries of our region, who have helped us. Finally, we are reassured that power is not gone, that the President has remained in the capital. At the moment, we do not interpret political appointments, it is just hoped that it will be people who will be able to handle the situation better than it had been before.

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military alliance among Russia's leadership attracts last units from Kazakhstan from .
more than two weeks after the violent protests in Kazakhstan, the military alliance of OVKS stated by Russia has deducted its last units from the country. This reported several Russian news agencies on Wednesday, citing the Head of Mission, Andrej Serdjukov. "The peacekeeping operation" is now completed, Serdjukov said. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan raised the admission state.

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