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India: "Respect for Marriage Act": The US Congress wants to protect same-sex marriage

transmitter: Democrats lose majority in the House of Representatives

 transmitter: Democrats lose majority in the House of Representatives After a victory in the Senate, the Democrats of US President Joe Biden lost their majority in the House of Representatives in the congress elections. In the future, the Republicans will have more than half of the 435 seats in the Congress Chamber, as reported by the US broadcaster CNN and NBC as well as the AP news agency on Wednesday (local time) based on voting counts and forecasts. © Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP/dpa The Democrats have lost their majority in the House of Representatives.

The US Democrats want to protect marriage for everyone-if the Supreme Court should also tilt this right. With a compromise, they were able to win some Republicans for it.

Gleichgeschlechtliche Ehen wurden in den USA durch eine Entscheidung des Obersten Gerichts 2015 legalisiert. © Photo: Photo: AFP/Alex Wong same -sex marriages in the USA were legalized by a decision by the Supreme Court in 2015.

the time runs. If the US Congress comes together in a new line-up on January 3, 2023, the Republicans will put the majority in the House of Representatives . The Senate remains in a democratic hand, but the government party has at most one seat more than necessary - so if Raphael Warnock defends its seat in the runoff election on December 6, 51 instead of 50 senators as before.

Lindner wants more speed for expansion of the infrastructure

 Lindner wants more speed for expansion of the infrastructure Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) have warned more speed in measures to expand the infrastructure in Germany. Lindner said on Thursday at a trading congress in Berlin that an LNG terminal in Germany had been completed in less than a year. This should be “benchmark” not only for crisis -related investments, but for the entire conversion of the energy infrastructure.

Even therefore, it is remarkable that last Wednesday 62 senators agreed on the Respect for Marriage Act, which is said to protect same -sex marriage in a federal law. Twelve Republicans voted the Democrats, a rare process. At least 60 votes are necessary to bring a corresponding draft law to vote.

In the night of Friday, the Senate accepted the law in its last vote before the Thanksgiving break, and it could finally be decided on Monday in a week. Then it has to be adopted by the House of Representatives, where it has sufficient support (47 Republican MPs had voted in July, the result was 267-157), and signed by US President Joe Biden.

"Zero Doubts" that the law will soon come into force

The Democratic majority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, explains that he has "zero doubts" that the law will soon come into force. Schumer's strategy worked out: With the law, he had waited until after the congress intermediate elections (midterms) so that the election campaign had no influence.

"Full House" star Candace Cameron Bure: Shitstorm after interview

 At the beginning of the week, actress Candace Cameron Bure (46) gave an interview to the "Wallstreet Journal" in which she in her new function as artistic director of cable television "Great American Family "(GAF). According to "", the famous "Full House" actress said that the GAF wanted to concentrate on a "traditional marriage", according to "". However, stories about same -sex couples would not be expected.

Actually, one should assume that the discussion about same -sex marriage belongs to the past. According to a survey by the Gallup opinion research institute in summer, 71 percent of the Americans, and thus more than ever, speak out for this right.

, however, the conservative majority in the Supreme Court had demonstrated that even a great social consensus did not deter it from making controversial judgments against the population's will. The Supreme Court had overturned its almost 50 -year -old judgment to the right to abortions in June - and judge Clarence Thomas then performed the decision on same -sex marriages in a number of judgments that the court also had to put to the test.

The decision is considered one reason why the Republicans at Midterms were much poorly section than expected and the Democrats were able to defend their majority in the Senate. same -sex marriages were legalized in the United States by a decision by the Supreme Court 2015 ("Oberfell v. Hodges"). A law from 1996 declared unconstitutional in which marriage was laid down as a federal government between a man and a woman.

Lauterbach: With Reform Long Covid Care, Improve

 Lauterbach: With Reform Long Covid Care, Improve Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD), in the course of the hospital reform he planned, also wants to get improvements to the care of people suffering from the late consequences of a Corona infection. The reform should be promoted, for example, the structure of Long Covid special outpatient clinics, Lauterbach said on Friday in a video message during a long-covid congress in Jena. These outpatient clinics would be especially required for the supply of complex cases.

The Respect for Marriage Act should now ensure that the marriage between two people at the federal level is recognized - regardless of gender, origin or skin color. However, the law does not oblige the individual states that they have to allow same -sex marriage, as with “Oberfell v. Hodges ”is.

You just have to recognize the legality of marriages that have been closed in other countries. As the advocates, the law would not be tipped by the Supreme Court in the future - in the event that this “Oberfell v. Hodges ”should actually tip over.

To win enough republicans in the Senate for the law, an addition was also announced that deals with religious freedom. Accordingly, religious organizations cannot be obliged to make marriages. Churches or universities should also not receive a disadvantage for tax purposes if they do not recognize same -sex marriages. It should also be excluded that the Federal Government has to recognize polygame marriages if the case ever occurs in the United States.

In the future, the Democrats will have a much harder time to negotiate

with the Republicans

. Already three quarters of the conservative senators and proportionally as many MPs against the law - despite the broad approval of the population.

(multimedia) Democrats in the House of Representatives in the United States elect new .
© © © © © Xinhua_fr Le Capitole Building in Washington, D.C., in the United States, November 4, 2022. (Xinhua/Liu Jie ) Hakeem Jeffries will be the leader of the Democrats in the Chamber for at least the next two years. At 52, Mr. Jeffries thus became the first African-American legislator to lead one party in one or the other chamber of the American Congress.

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