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India: Corona rules: Court judges the initial lock as disproportionate

A Taliban chief orders the judges to apply the penalties provided for by Islamic law

 A Taliban chief orders the judges to apply the penalties provided for by Islamic law © provided by News 360 a Taliban member with a M-16 rifle. - Oliver Weiken/DPA The Taliban chief, the Mullah Hebatullah Ajundzada, ordered Afghan judges to fully apply sharia with the authors of a series of punishments that can go as far as public amputation or stoning.

The Saxon contact restrictions in the early phase of the Corona pandemic were lawful, but the strict curfewing imposed in Bavaria did not. The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig decided on Tuesday. It was the first time that the Supreme German Administrative Court dealt with the Corona rules. The judgments are likely to be directional for further pending cases.

Ein Schild mit der Aufschrift „Ab hier gilt Maskenpflicht!“ hängt am Eingang zur Fußgängerzone in der Innenstadt. Ausgangsbeschränkungen im Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land traten Mitte Oktober 2020 in Kraft. © dpa A sign with the inscription "From here applies here!" Is on the entrance to the pedestrian zone in the city center. Starting restrictions in the Berchtesgadener Land district came into force in mid -October 2020.

The federal judges had complained about the regulations on the table that Saxony and Bavaria had issued in March and April 2020. The Saxon Ordinance dealt with restrictions on contact and the closure of sports facilities and restaurants. The Higher Administrative Court had confirmed the rules in the lower court. In the Bavarian case, the strict curfew was put to the test, which had only allowed an abandoning of the apartment for "valid reasons".

trained dogs successfully feel corona infected on

 trained dogs successfully feel corona infected on Corona detection dogs can also be reliably sniffed corona infections in everyday situations and are suitable for use at major events. This is the result of a study under the direction of the Hanover Tierarzliche University (Tiho), which is presented in the specialist magazine "BMJ Global Health".

Federal Administrative judge rejects Revision Back

In the lower court, the Administrative Court had decided that this regulation was disproportionate. The federal administrative judges confirmed the lower court both times and rejected the revisions against these decisions. The Saxon rules were proportionate and necessary protective measures, according to the 3rd Senate. The Free State of Saxony was allowed to rely on the risk assessment of the Robert Koch Institute in its assessment of the risk situation.

differently was the case in Bavaria: the outcome lock, which allows leaving the apartment for sports and movement, but not for lingering in the fresh air on a park bench, was too largely. "The regulations on leaving their own apartment were not proportionate," said the presiding judge. As a milder measure, contact restrictions in public space would have been considered. Bavaria was pretended with the regulation at the time.

Case of the fundamental right was legitimate

The 3rd Senate also dealt with the controversial question of whether the infection protection law was a sufficient basis for such drastic interventions in the then applicable version. The federal judges affirmed this. Forbors that were aimed at the general public - and not to individual illness - were admissible. Such a "general clause" is appropriate in infection protection law because the legislator cannot predict which contagious diseases can occur and which protective measures are then necessary. However, the more you know over time about an illness and its pathogen, the more the rules would have to be adjusted. (dpa)

Chinese cities loosen after protests. Further Corona measures .
cities in all of China have announced further loosening of corona measures after nationwide protests against the zero-covid policy. In the southwestern metropolis of Chengdu, no negative corona tests will be required for staying in public locations or the use of the subway from Friday. In Beijing, health authorities called on hospitals not to refuse to treat people without negative PCR tests.

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