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India: "Emergency call harbor edge" flies from the

Map. Bronchiolitis: The epidemic remains at "a very high level" in mainland France

 Map. Bronchiolitis: The epidemic remains at © Joël Le Gall /Archives Ouest-France HERE, Mother-Enfant Pole of the Le Mans hospital center, October 26, 2021. L 'bronchiolitis epidemic remains at "a very high level" in mainland France, despite a "perhaps transient" influencing after the All Saints' school holidays, according to the latest weekly public health report France published this Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Hamburg program on Thursday - the controversial WM in Qatar banished "Emergency call harbor edge". No new episode of the popular TV- crime novel runs on Thursday.

In der Folge © ZDF/Boris Laewen In the episode "Emergency Call Hafenkante - Soko Kiebitz" examined Franzi Jung (Rhea Harder -Vennewald) and Hans Moor (Bruno F. Apitz) a property in the forest. ZDF/Boris Laewen

Even if many have decided to boycott the current World Cup in Qatar, ARD and ZDF still broadcast all games.

That means: Many favorite series of spectators have to make room. So also "emergency call harbor". The fans will only learn how to proceed in PK 21 in Hamburg on December 8th.

Lebanon: The return of cholera, symptom of a bankrupt state and a knee health system

 Lebanon: The return of cholera, symptom of a bankrupt state and a knee health system © Reuters - Mohamed Azakir A woman carries her son inside a country hospital in Bebnine, Akkar district in Lebanon, October 28, 2022. The cholera is back in Lebanon, thirty years after being eradicated from the territory. This disease triggers acute diarrhea which can be fatal in the absence of treatment. The Lebanese authorities have already recorded more than 570 cases and twenty deaths.

The "Sportstudio Live - FIFA WM 2022" runs on the broadcast date of the cult crime novel. Katrin Müller-Hohenstein (57) coordinates the game of Brazil against Serbia with ZDF experts Christoph Kramer (31) and Sandro Wagner (34).

and also on Thursday, December 1st, no current episode of the evening program is running. Instead, the episode "Soko Kiebitz" from 2019 is repeated.

In this, Franzi Jung ( RHEA Harder-Vennewald , 46) and the then police chief commissioner Hans Moor (Bruno F. Apitz, 65) in a war of sister for a valuable property.

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Colombia: A plane crash in a residential area of ​​Medellin left eight dead

 Colombia: A plane crash in a residential area of ​​Medellin left eight dead The eight dead are the passengers and the plane crew. The small plane crashed on a house whose upper part was destroyed. © Daniel Quintero Calle/Twitter of the firefighters intervene in Medellin, Colombia, after the crash of a plane in a residential area, on November 21, 2022 A small plane crashed on Monday morning in a residential area of ​​ Medellin , in the northwest of Colombia, killing the eight people on board, we learned from official sources.

The current season of "Emergency call harbor" will then be on December 8th at 19.25 Watch on ZDF and continued on call in the media library.

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When personnel emergency is: emergency rooms in Brandenburg's clinics report from .
illness and shortage of skilled workers thin out the staff in Brandenburg's emergency rooms. Some therefore report temporarily. In the meantime there are alternatives. © Photo: dpa/Patrick Pleul The entrance to the emergency room of a clinic in Bad Saarow. If personnel shortages in the emergency rooms at Brandenburg's clinics, they report off every now and then. This was the result of a survey by the German Press Agency.

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