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India: Left Seem of Unity

Macron goes to New Orleans to celebrate the Francophonie

 Macron goes to New Orleans to celebrate the Francophonie © Ludovic Marin Emmanuel Macron on December 1, 2022 in Washington Emmanuel Macron concluded his three-day state visit Friday in the United States by a visit to the new -Orleans, an emblematic city of Franco-American historical ties where he will promote the Francophonie.

Left Searches of Unity

The party warns the Wagenknecht wing to respect resolutions.

Before 2023 with elections in four federal states, the Left Party tries to collapse again. At a meeting in Leipzig, the heads of the party, parliamentary group, regional associations and state parliamentary groups undertook to recognize decisions as "binding guidelines for the actions of the party, groups and public representatives: inside of the party".

Background is the direction of direction between party apprenticeship and the wing around the Bundestag member Sahra Wagenknecht for years. She is accused of expressing itself nationalist and too friendly towards Russia. For her part, Wagenknecht had flirted with the establishment of a new party. In the "Leipzig explanation" of the left it says: "We are a plural party - and remain." But plurality does not mean arbitrariness. If you want to change resolutions, you have to find majorities.

Strasbourg: Two radicalized young people, suspected of preparing a violent action imprisoned

 Strasbourg: Two radicalized young people, suspected of preparing a violent action imprisoned © AFP. Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). The people arrested presented "radical profiles whose motivations strongly questioned" the police. (Illustration) AFP The Directorate General of Internal Security arrested in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) seven radicalized young people suspected of preparing a violent action in France. The arrest took place on November 18, but the information was revealed this Thursday by Franceinfo . Information we have confirmed. Of these seven people, five are already known to the DGSI.

Wagenknecht has no outstanding function in the party or faction and was therefore not there in Leipzig. However, it was an important signal of unity that the parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch and Amira Mohamed Ali signed the explanation. They had admitted that Wagenknecht spoke to Ukraine for the parliamentary group in the Bundestag and described the politics of the federal government as the "economic war" against Russia.

In the "Leipzig Declaration", the Left again condemned the "War of Russia in Ukraine, which is contrary to international law" and writes: "We are committed to the right of self-defense in Ukraine and demand the full restoration of the Ukrainian sovereignty." Raw material companies. The left-wing politicians: Inside, campaigning for "alternatives to military logic".

In addition, in view of the price increases in Germany, the party advertises significantly stronger relief. "Almost 20 percent of all households will not be able to pay their bills," says the paper. "We will put pressure against the impoverishment and financial additional burden of millions of people."

War in Ukraine: the Russian government divided on the launch of a large offensive in winter .
© Bulent Kilic A Ukrainian soldier shoots Russian positions outside Bakhmut, November 8, 2022. Bulent kilic/AFP Does Russian unity crack? Russian leaders are divided on the launch of a large winter offensive in Ukraine, on Tuesday reveals a senior American official. "I think we are in the presence of diverging points of view," said the American official under the guise of anonymity, speaking of current deliberations within the Russian government.

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