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India: Scholz: Alliance partners can rely on us

Putin wants to "conquer" but we must keep in touch, says Scholz

 Putin wants to by Andreas Rinke Potsdam, Germany (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to conquer certain parts of Ukraine and shows no restraint in his brutality , but it is always important to maintain contact with him in order to end the war, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday.

Olaf Scholz © Kay Nietfeld/dpa Olaf Scholz Scholz: Alliance partners can rely on us

Scholz is also aimed at NATO states in his government declaration. If necessary, "every single square meter of the alliance area" will be defended. Putin was wrong in many ways.

Berlin - Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) emphasized the unconditional German alliance solidarity with a view to the Ukraine War. “Our alliance partners know exactly: You can rely on us. You know: If necessary, we will defend every single square meter of the alliance area, ”Scholz said on Wednesday in a government declaration in the Bundestag. Among other things, he referred to the 100-billion special assets for better equipment from the Bundeswehr.

G7 Roads Climate Club Under German Chair

 G7 Roads Climate Club Under German Chair The climate club is intended to help comply with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and to support developing and emerging countries in the energy transition. © Markus Schreiber/AP Photo/Picture Alliance Chancellor Olaf Scholz initiated the idea for the climate club The heads of state and government of the G7 founded an international club in the fight against global warming, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said after a video conference the other members of the group of states.

Germany hold up to 17,000 soldiers for NATO Response Force in this and in the next two years and will take over the leadership of the fast NATO invading force next year. From 2025, Germany will permanently have 30,000 soldiers ready for the NATO tritth structure, Scholz said. The German Air Force secures the airspace over Estonia, the Marine increases its presence in the Baltic Sea. Germany has permanently strengthened the NATO battle association in Lithuania and thus improves the defense of the entire Baltic States.

With all these measures, Germany strengthens the trust of all partners in his willingness to take responsibility in the alliance, said Scholz. “We have decided to do this course since February 24th. We are holding this course. ”

Deficits on the NATO-East flank: According to the report, Bundeswehr threatens “qualified failure” in air defense

 Deficits on the NATO-East flank: According to the report, Bundeswehr threatens “qualified failure” in air defense © Philipp Schulze/dpa How long does the ammunition last? The Bundeswehr has supplementary problems. Deficits on the NATO-East flank: According to the report "qualified failure" in the case of air defense , a report by the Federal Ministry of Defense shows that the Bundeswehr can partially fulfill its tasks on the NATO east flank "only with restrictions".

Scholz: Putin has fundamentally offset

Russia's President Vladimir Putin, according to Scholz, missed all his goals in the war in Ukraine. "Not a single of Putin's plans worked," said Scholz. Putin had "fundamentally offset". He believed that his troops would overrun Ukraine within days. He assumed that Europe and the Democratic West were too disadvantage to help Ukraine effectively. "He believed that he could dry out solidarity by turning us on the gas tap."

Putin had been wrong - "About the courage of the Ukrainians, about Europe, about the character of our democracies, about our will, us, us to oppose great power and imperialism, ”said Scholz. “This is the real story of this year 2022. Ukraine resists Russian aggression, but the West also accepted the challenge.

“Together with our friends and partners, we determined Ukraine with determination - financially, humanitarian and with weapons. We continue this support - and just as long as it is needed, "said the Chancellor, who at the same time emphasized:" In these weeks, a particularly difficult year is coming to an end. "Russia's war of attack against Ukraine was a horrific cut. dpa

Melnyk calls for "European Panzer Alliance" under the leadership of Germany .
The Ukrainian Vice Foreign Minister and former Berlin ambassador Andrij Melnyk spoke out for a "European Panzer Alliance" under the leadership of the federal government to deliver heavy weapons to its country. He asks Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) "that he finally rethinks the reluctance to the battle tank Leopard and the marten shelter," Melnyk told the Editorial Network Germany (Friday editions). The Patriot air defense system should also deliver Germany.

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