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India: Railways again diverted

State of emergency in Peru: hundreds of tourists blocked at the famous Machu Picchu

 State of emergency in Peru: hundreds of tourists blocked at the famous Machu Picchu hundreds of foreign tourists have been blocked since Wednesday in the area of ​​the famous Citadel Inca Machu Picchu, the trains being stopped due to the demonstrations against The new Peruvian president Dina Boluarte, after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo author of a missed coup. A AGUAS CALIENTES, thermal village nestled in the valley collected at the foot of the historic site, and by which we access the Machu Picchu , dozens of tourists are trapped.

due to the course of the course a week after the start of the new line between Wendlingen and Ulm, rail travelers on the route have to be patient again and again. On Monday, the problems on the expressway route stopped, as a spokeswoman confirmed. The disorder will be fixed by Tuesday. A new but defective switch at Wendlingen must be repaired. "The disorder is a manufacturer's error in an electronic component that has to be replaced," it said.

Gleise sind an einem Bahnhof im Schotterbett verlegt. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa/symbol image tracks are laid at a train station in the gravel bed.

there were no trains. Some long -distance trains from Stuttgart towards Ulm were redirected to the old, slower route and were delayed. Already on Sunday, long -distance trains had to drive on the old route.

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 Kim Clijsters drunk in the night club Wedding at first glance: Philipp plans the next marriage-but first he has to divorce Philipp and Melissa were initially considered the "wedding at first glance" dream couple par excellence. But her love luck broke. Now the Hamburger wants to re -enter the covenant of the marriage. Hamburg - At “Wedding at first sight” it sparked between Philipp (35) and Melissa (29) straight away. The newlyweds quickly fell in love and even got the first young talent with son Mucki in December 2020.

problems had already existed on Sunday. The regional traffic between Wendlingen and Ulm was partly unusual or only until Merklingen (Alb-Donau-Kreis).

The roughly four billion euro new line between Ulm and Wendlingen was inaugurated after ten years of construction on December 9th. It is intended to ensure that travelers between Ulm and Stuttgart are at their destination for a quarter of an hour faster. It has been in regular operation for more than a week. Just one day after the start, there had already been considerable delays after the mistake of a locomotive guide with the new system. As on other routes, train travelers with vehicle disorders and train driver loss.

BUND, the state, cities and trains had actually broadcast that trains would in future drive over the sometimes steep route with top speeds of 250 kilometers per hour and thus also shorten the travel times towards Munich and Stuttgart. Half of the 60 -kilometer rail strand runs through newly built tunnels. With the new route, the daily offer between Stuttgart and Munich should also improve by around 20 on 90 trips.

Portugal: A railway worker strike paralyzes the rail network .
© Wikimedia Commons CC by SA 4.0 Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton A view of the Porto-São Bento station (Illustration image) In strike already on December 23, railway workers Portuguese again stripped 24 hours on Monday, December 26, disturbing rail traffic mainly in Lisbon and Porto. The strike could be renewed on January 1. With our correspondent in Lisbon, Marie-Line Darcy , some 500 trains were removed on Monday during the second day of strike in the Portuguese railways. Or two out of three trains.

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