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India: Habeck to relief packages: "This is actually confusing"

G7 Roads Climate Club Under German Chair

 G7 Roads Climate Club Under German Chair The climate club is intended to help comply with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and to support developing and emerging countries in the energy transition. © Markus Schreiber/AP Photo/Picture Alliance Chancellor Olaf Scholz initiated the idea for the climate club The heads of state and government of the G7 founded an international club in the fight against global warming, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said after a video conference the other members of the group of states.

Berlin - According to Caritas, many people do not achieve the billion dollar relief packages of the federal government. Economic Minister Robert Habeck (53) also commented on the confused measures.

Die Entlastungsmaßnahmen seien für viele Menschen viel zu undurchsichtig, kritisierte die Caritas. Marijan Murat/dpa © Marijan Murat/dpa The relief measures are too opaque for many people, Caritas criticized. Marijan Murat/dpa "The measures are not automatically understood by everyone," said the President of the German Caritas Association, Eva Maria Welskop-Deffaa, the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" on Wednesday.

She also criticized complicated applications for financial aid and demanded more understandable and easier to fill out forms. Many people are currently trying to housing, but failed due to the application, said the Caritas President.

Robert Habeck legitimized the gas shopping from Qatar despite corruption scandal

 Robert Habeck legitimized the gas shopping from Qatar despite corruption scandal Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck advocates not to mix the alleged bribery of EU politicians by the Gulfemirate Qatar with the topic of gas purchases. "These are two different things," said the Greens politician in Brussels on Tuesday evening when asked if you could buy a gas from Qatar if Qatar buy European MPs. © dpa Robert Habeck, Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Protection.

The federal government has to explain more to give people confidence, she said. The word "gas price brake" blade almost as threatening for many as "increase in energy price". For many people, this is just another complicated vocabulary that is not directly understandable.


Politics must take into account that many people with coping with their normal everyday life are so challenged that time and strength are missing in order to deal with political decisions," warned Welskop-Deffaa.

She called for more advice on site, for example heating pilots in the debt counseling centers or trained volunteers.

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Federal Council approves energy price brakes - "winter gap" closed

 Federal Council approves energy price brakes - After the Bundestag, the country chamber has now also approved the energy price brake. This is intended to relieve millions of energy customers in the coming months of rising costs. © Clemens Bilan/ EPA The Bundesrat has approved the energy price brakes. Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil ( SPD ) said in the country chamber that price increases had the potential for a social crisis - the cover now gives citizens trust in the future. The state is at the side of the citizens.

Unpacked shops in Chemnitz: Your overview with all information Robert Habeck: "We should now proceed with a sense of proportion"

Wirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck (53) hält die Entlastungspakete ebenfalls für unübersichtlich. Kay Nietfeld/dpa © Kay Nietfeld/dpa Minister of Economy Robert (53 ) also considers the relief packages to be confusing. Kay Nietfeld/DPA also Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (

Greens ) considers the relief measures to be quite complicated. One could "confidently deny that everyone knows what happens," he told the broadcaster RTL and NTV. There are "so many measures, so many laws and so many funding, I wouldn't be a politician, I wouldn't know anymore," admitted Habeck. "That is actually confusing."

Federal Minister of Family Affairs Lisa Paus (54, Greens) asked the responsible authorities and the energy suppliers for accommodating behavior.

"Neither politics or administration nor the

energy companies can be interested in driving people in existence. Therefore, everyone should now be used with a sense of proportion," she told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany.

The LNG from Wilhelmshaven can flow

 The LNG from Wilhelmshaven can flow with the participation of Chancellor Scholz and other political prominence, the first German liquefied dose of the North Sea has been opened in the port of the North Sea city. It should cover almost six percent of the gas requirement annually. © Michael Sohn/Reuters Certainly held and dressed Chancellor Scholz and Finance Minister Lindner in Wilhelmshaven.

"The current situation is demanding a lot of low -income families," said Paus. "We have to prevent people from being able to get into liquidity and, for example, their rent or electricity invoices, for example."

She hopes that the job centers "use their discretion in such a way that no citizen, no citizen and no family are left alone with children," added Paus. At the same time, she called "all people in emergency situations not to be afraid to submit the corresponding applications to the job center, for example to pay the electricity costs".

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Uniper shareholders vote for the entry of federal

 Uniper shareholders vote for the entry of federal The Uniper shareholders have cleared the way for the extensive nationalization of the stricken energy group. The owners of Germany's largest gas dealer voted today at an extraordinary general meeting for the stabilization measures adopted with the Federal Government and the previous Finnish majority shareholder. © Oliver Berg/dpa Because the company is so bad, Germany's largest gas dealer Uniper is to be nationalized.

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Melnyk demands heavy weapons from the West: "A lot of taboos have to be broken" .
© Stefan_Kaminski Image: Bundestag faction Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Andrij Melnyk (35277253352), CC BY 2.0, via wikimedia commons (image size changed) The Ukrainian Vice Foreign Minister Andrij Melnyk demands western fighter jets and warships. According to the USA to deliver patriot flight defense systems to Ukraine in the future, Western fighter jets and warships for the fight against Russia should also be made available according to the Vice Minister.

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