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India: Bonus system: Payback and Rewe Group are before separation

Jeremy Pascal Wollny: Surprising update! Does he live here now?

 Jeremy Pascal Wollny: Surprising update! Does he live here now? With the Wollnys he was not fine! Jeremy Pascal Wollny was the hype in his large family too much to always be accompanied by cameras from an early age, did not fit in his stuff. After the separation of his parents Silvia and Peter Wollny, he solidarized with his father and moved to him in 2013 - and at the same time out of the spotlight. Since a whopping 12 seasons, Jeremy Pascal Wollny has no longer been seen on RTLZWE. He had the last appearance in season 4. ©

So far, the question of the Payback card has been part of the standard procedure when buying a REWE shopping-but this could end in perspective: According to a media report Separation. As the "Lebenschaftszeitung" (LZ) writes, REWE should plan to build up its own bonus program in the medium term.

Eingang eines Rewe-Marktes © Getty Images Entrance of a Rewe market

of the LZ, REWE should only want to extend the contract with Payback, which is probably running by the end of 2023. Durts of five years are common.

REWE and PAYBACK refer to ongoing negotiations

on request Rewe and Payback in a joint statement that one is currently “in the final phase of contract negotiations”. "On the question of further cooperation: Our companies have been cooperating very successfully for almost nine years and we intend to continue to do so."

Two candidates for the constitutional court fall through

 Two candidates for the constitutional court fall through Two candidates for the constitutional court fall by The search for a new constitutional judge in Brandenburg continues. The majority of the state parliament in Potsdam failed on Thursday two candidates who apply for the successor of Andreas Dresen. The Grünheider lawyer Hildegard Vera Kaethner as a candidate of the AfD parliamentary group and the Mahlower lawyer Sylvia Püschel as a candidate from BVB/Freie Voter did not receive the required two-thirds majority.

A total of 31 million Payback customer accounts in Germany. According to the LZ, 12 million should be omitted on Rewe. The group nurse Penny also works with the Payback bonus program and is said to contribute more than five million customers.

Conversely, Payback customers come to higher average bons than non-customers according to LZ. Other large Payback partners are, for example, the Aral petrol station, the drugstore chain DM and retailers such as Alnatura, C&A and Fressnapf. The Sky streaming platform and the Eon energy supplier are also located among the cooperation partners. (Elb)

Guidelines of the right-religious government in Israel publishes .
© Reuters Benjamin Netanyahu before a Kneset meeting on Wednesday in Jerusalem The new Israeli government also wants to drive the settlement expansion in the areas that the Palestinians claim for a future state. "The Jewish people have a sole and irrefutable right to all parts of the state of Israel," says the guidelines of the right-religious coalition, which were published on Wednesday.

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