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India: Land rejects women's quota in the Order of Merit from

NATO: Swedish justice rejects the extradition of a journalist claimed by Erdogan

 NATO: Swedish justice rejects the extradition of a journalist claimed by Erdogan © Jonathan Nackstrand Bülent Kenes on November 10, 2022 near Stockholm (Sweden) The Swedish Supreme Court rejected the extradition request on Monday Turkey for journalist Bülent Kenes, demanded personally by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to give the green light to the entrance to Sweden in NATO.

North Rhine-Westphalia does not want to introduce any quota for women at the regional earnings order. This emerges from the government's response to a small request from the SPD in the state parliament. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had announced that it was a quota of at least 40 percent for women for the federal government.

corresponding plans are not available in Düsseldorf - although the quota since the introduction of the order in 1986 was only almost 25 percent: According to the State Chancellery, 1300 men and 425 women were awarded. Since the CDU presented the prime minister (2017) it was almost 24 percent.

Melnyk calls for "European Panzer Alliance" under the leadership of Germany

 Melnyk calls for The Ukrainian Vice Foreign Minister and former Berlin ambassador Andrij Melnyk spoke out for a "European Panzer Alliance" under the leadership of the federal government to deliver heavy weapons to its country. He asks Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) "that he finally rethinks the reluctance to the battle tank Leopard and the marten shelter," Melnyk told the Editorial Network Germany (Friday editions). The Patriot air defense system should also deliver Germany.

Why is that? According to the state government, the Order of Merit is relied on suggestions from society - and from there they often come "disproportionately" suggestions for the award of men. Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) and his cabinet therefore emphasize in their "respective business areas" to "propose more deserved women for an order award."

The SPD MP Anja Butschkau said: “Prime Minister Wüst has announced that he wanted to increase the proportion of women. However, he does not call binding measures, as is to be achieved. Instead, he blames the citizens who would propose too many men. » It was he who endorsed the religious carriers at the end.

Passenger record of Christmas: Deutsche Bahn promotes around 3.2 million passengers .
. According to its own statement, Deutsche Bahn has "largely smooth" through the holidays. In long -distance transport, the utilization was only about half. © Photo: Monika Skolimowska Numerous travelers climb into an ICE train of Deutsche Bahn (symbol image) at Berlin Central Station. put as many people as never before for their Christmas trips. The number of passengers in the booking period December 22nd to 28th will be around 3.2 million, the group said on Tuesday.

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