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Ireland: Paris. Four consecutive days at more than 30 ° C in September, historical temperatures according to the weather France

Sailing. The West-France SPI partners with a new partner, Populaire Banque Grand West

 Sailing. The West-France SPI partners with a new partner, Populaire Banque Grand West © Archives / Marc Ollivier 300 boats are expected for this 43rd edition of the West-France SPI, now associated with People's Banque Grand Ouest. The West-France SPI (7 - October 10, 2021) announced, Wednesday, a new partnership with People's Banque Grand West. The opportunity to take stock of the test and its novelties. usually, the SPI announces spring. This time, it will be rather autumn, smiled Yves Normand, yesterday morning.

In Paris during September average daily high temperatures decrease from 73 ° F to 66 ° F and the fraction of time September Weather in Paris France . From the start to the end of the month, the length of the day decreases by 1 hour, 43 minutes, implying an average The percentage of hours in which the mean wind direction is from each of the four cardinal wind directions, excluding hours in

The average temperatures in Paris generally range between 5 ° C (41 ° F) during winter and 20 ° C (68 ° F) in summer. July is the hottest month of the year, and January is the coldest. As a rule, it is slightly warmer in Paris than in the suburbs. The effects of urbanisation result in significant differences of temperature between the city's center and the While the hottest recorded temperature reached 40. 4 ° C (104.7 ° F) on 28 July 1948, the deadly heatwave of August 2003 produced nine (9) consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 35 ° C (95 ° F). These temperatures are quite exceptional, however.

Les Champs Elysées, à Paris. © Franck Dubray / West-France Champs Elysees, Paris.

strong heat are recorded in Paris, where temperatures have been exceeding 30 ° C for four consecutive days, starting in Sunday, September 5th. This meteorological situation has not occurred in September from the post-war period, according to Weather France.

Temperatures exceed 30 ° C to Paris since Sunday, September 5th. According to Weather France, it has not occurred in a month of September since the post-war period, as Relay France Bleu Paris , Tuesday, September 7th. "If we observe four consecutive days at more than 30 ° C in Paris as expected (from Sunday to Wednesday), it will never have seen in September since the change of shelter (May 1948) in Montsouris" , wrote François Jobard, from Meteo France, on his Twitter account.

Scholz meets Macron: German election campaign in Paris

 Scholz meets Macron: German election campaign in Paris SPD candidate Scholz strokes his European competence at the meeting with France's head of state. On Wednesday his competitor is lashed on the series. © Photo: Federal Ministry of Finance / DPA Faust Greetings in the Elysée Palace. SPD chancellor candidate Scholz (l.) And France's head of state Macron on Monday in Paris. Many ways lead to the chancellery.

However, the weather is variable: there are some cool and rainy days due to Atlantic fronts, when the maximum temperature remains below 20 ° C (68 ° F), while on other occasions, the Azores High can bring some hot and sunny days , maybe a little sultry, with highs around or even above 30 ° C (86 ° F); in. Really hot days in Paris are quite rare, though sometimes they may occur because of hot air masses from Africa. In recent decades, heat waves are becoming more frequent due to global warming. The record heat is 42 ° C (107.5 ° F), set in July 2019.

March Weather in Paris France . Daily high temperatures increase by 7 ° F, from 49 ° F to 56 ° F, rarely falling below 39 ° F or exceeding 67 ° F. This section discusses the wide-area hourly average wind vector (speed and direction) at 10 meters above the ground. The wind experienced at any given location is highly dependent on local topography and other factors, and instantaneous wind speed and direction vary more widely than hourly averages.

If we observe 4 consecutive days> = 30 ° C to #Paris as it is planned (from Sunday to Wednesday), it will never have seen in September since the change of shelter (May 1948) in Montsouris . This would do in all 12 days> = 30 ° C for 2021, (Average 1981-2010: 11). In 2018: 26 days.

- Francois Jobard (@francois_jobard) September 6, 2021

The reference weather station in the capital had indeed been displaced in the Montsouris park after the war, recalls Radio Francilienne on its site . Taking into account these last days, the year 2021 has twelve days more than 30 ° C, more than the average of the years of the 1981-2010 period, which is 11, note our colleagues.

Thunderstorms at the end of the week

These very high temperatures are explained by a mass of hot air from the Maghreb, according to Weather France. "A rather classic meteorological phenomenon is called the cold drop" , indicated the Tristan AMM forecaster, cited by France Bleu.

He added that it was not a consequence of global warming. After these days of very large heat, the capital should, however, be affected by thunderstorms at the end of the week.

Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021, visit the Fair de Caen and delighted his admirers .
© West-France Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021, was welcomed by the director of the Fair de Caen, Paul Sechaud, this Saturday, September 18th 2021. She will now go to meet her admirers who look forward to her. This is one of the events of the Fair of Caen 2021 and more widely from this return in the agglo. For the first time since his election in December, Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021 from Burguébus, comes to meet his admirers on the lands that have been growing.

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