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Ireland: Northern Ireland: an ex-soldier dies during his trial for the death of an

Brexit: London openly threatens to withdraw from the North Irish protocol

 Brexit: London openly threatens to withdraw from the North Irish protocol © - PRU / AFP David Frost says that the text negotiated in pain with the European Union jeopardizes the stability of Northern Ireland. As expected, London threatens to suspend the North Irish protocol that allows the British province to continue to be part of the single European market.

Dennis Hutchings avec un soutien devant le tribunal de Belfast, le 4 octobre 2021 © Paul Faith Dennis Hutchings with support before the Tribunal de Belfast, on October 4, 2021

A former British soldier pursued for death Of a vulnerable man killed in 1974 during the North Irish conflict died on Monday, announced an association of veterans, whereas his trial unfolded.

Dennis Hutchings, 80, was judged by the Belfast court for the murder in 1974 by John Pat Cunningham, a 27-year-old man with heavy learning difficulties, killed by a patrol of soldiers in the rural County of Tyrone during The "disorders" of Northern Ireland.

The trial had been adjourned on Monday after Mr. Hutchings, who was already suffering from a serious kidney disease, had contracted CVIV-19.

Spain: An ex-sulfur curator says to be the "enemy to be slaughtered" at the beginning of his trial

 Spain: An ex-sulfur curator says to be the © Pool / AFP The Ex-Spanish Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, implicated in multiple scandals involving men business and politicians, asked the victim on Wednesday on the first day of his trial for "corruption", assuring being "treated as an enemy to be slaughtered".

In the evening, the Northern Ireland Veteran's Movement (NIV) announced on Twitter the death of the former soldier at Belfast Mater Infirmorum Hospital.

The case of Mr. Hutchings has sparked many controversies, highlighting the inherited legacy of British military intervention in Northern Ireland.

British MP Jeffrey Donaldson, head of the Northern Ireland Unionist Democratic Party (DUP), whispered that Hutchings was "dragged before a court and hunted until his death".

"It was an 80-year-old veteran, in poor health, under dialysis and there was no convincing new evidence," he denounced in a statement, before asking to what extent was "Considered of public interest".

The Hutchings Trial, open two weeks ago, was only three days a week to allow the accused to follow a dialysis between the hearings.

Brexit: The EU will refuse international arbitration claimed by the United Kingdom

 Brexit: The EU will refuse international arbitration claimed by the United Kingdom © Pixabay Brexit: The EU will refuse International Arbitration claimed by the United Kingdom Ireland warned London that Brussels will not accept The United Kingdom's request to override the European Court of Justice (CJEU) as a single market arbitrator in Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is notified: the European Union will not accept alternative arbiter in Northern Ireland, warned Irish Minister of European Affairs, Thomas Byrne.

two or three bullets, on the five pulled, had touched the victim. But in the absence at the time of ballistic evidence, it is impossible to determine who had fired which shots, so that Hutchings is charged with attempted murder and not murder.

Nearly 3,500 people were killed during the "disorders" between the Pro-Ireland nationalists and the unionists pro-United Kingdom.

The British army, deployed for 38 years, has often been considered responsible for the most bloody episodes of the conflict.

The prosecution for the deaths of people in the hands of the army remains a politically sensitive subject in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

The families of victims claim that they are denied justice against the soldiers representing the authority of the State.

The former soldiers denounce an imbalance of justice, stressing that the security forces are only 10% of the dead during this period while 30% of investigations focus on them.

The British government is committed to submitting an amnesty for the murders perpetrated on both sides.


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