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Ireland: Corona: Austria leads 3-G-rule in the workplace an

Should we bind Europe money and respect for the rule of law? The debate before the Court of Justice

 Should we bind Europe money and respect for the rule of law? The debate before the Court of Justice © François Lenoir / Reuters The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Photo Stock Illustration. Budapest and Warsaw dispute Monday and Tuesday before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) The new conditionality mechanism that binds the payment of European funds to respect the rule of law in the country.

From 1 November must prove workers that they are vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. The Freedom Party speaks of "compulsory vaccination through the back door".

Einig in der Sache: Gesundheitsminister Wolfgang Mückstein (links) und Arbeitsminister Martin Kocher. © Schneider via images / Einig in the matter: Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (left) and Labor Minister Martin Kocher. Austria leads 3-G-rule in the workplace an

The Austrian government announced on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting that the 3-G regulation applies from 1 November at work when physical contact with clients or colleagues can not be excluded , A similar regulation is to be adopted by the weekend. During a transitional period until mid-November all those who can not provide proof that they are vaccinated, recovered or tested, a FFP2 mask wear at work need. Employers and employees are equally responsible for compliance with the specification. In tourism country Austria, the 3-G-usually from 15 November should also apply in ski resorts, in addition, a mask worn in gondolas must.

Lead 1-Austria-Schallenberg succeeds Kurz with Chancellery

 Lead 1-Austria-Schallenberg succeeds Kurz with Chancellery Austria-Politics / Schallenberg (Lead 1): Lead 1-Austria-Schallenberg succeeds Kurz at Chancellery (Updated with Declaration of Schallenberg, Reviews of the Opposition ) Vienna, October 11 (Reuters) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs Austrian, the Conservative Alexander Schallenberg, took swing on Monday as Chancellor, the day after the resignation of Sebastian Kurz, targeted by an investigation for corruption.

The introduction of the 3-G-rule in the job was made possible after the main opposition party in parliament, the Social Democrats, has announced that it would approve the operation of the governing coalition of ÖVP and the Greens in the Bundesrat. In return, the Social Democrats had gained ground that the Covid tests, which are in Austria for free, provisionally not be charged. The specification will now be subject to spot checks; for violations threatening fines up to 500 euros for workers, up to 3,600 euros for employers.

Who can prove in the future that he or she vaccinated, is tested or recovered, there has to wear no mask where it is for customers remains mandatory, such as supermarkets. Catering and hospitality industry, the 3-G-rule already applies since September. At present, the current law provides a basis for nationwide 3G only for those work places where there is a significant risk of infection. The corresponding change in the law was adopted on Wednesday last week the National Council.

International: Club Boss prohibits players vaccination

 International: Club Boss prohibits players vaccination Corona Chaos at Romanian first division FCSB Bucharest. For the league game on Saturday, the club, which formerly known as Steaua Bucharest was available, only 14 players available - also because club President George Becali prohibits the professionals and employees the vaccine against Covid-19. © Provided by Spox prohibits its players the Corona vaccine: Club President George Becali.

The green Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein spoke of a "safety net against the coronavirus". It can not be that one had to "expose the risk of Corona infection at the place of work may". On Monday Mückstein had asked the question as to when 3G'm absolutely, for your patience, but he was glad that they had the social partners can integrate. The pandemic was developing in Austria currently "sideways" by which he meant that the numbers rose only moderately. But: the pandemic is not over; "We are," said the minister, "the middle of the fourth wave." In Austria, on Wednesday 3,700 new cases were reported.

The FPÖ leader speaks of "compulsory vaccination through the back door"

For parts of the opposition, the new regulation is likely to encounter massive resistance. The Freedom Party and its party leader Herbert Kickl keep vaccinations against the virus in principle for not crucial; at a press conference pointed Kickl after recently that he was not vaccinated and this does not intend. The 3-G-rule, the FPÖ leader, was a "compulsory vaccination through the back door". The Federation of Trade employees who Hoteliers Association and the Chamber of Commerce, however, welcomed the "clear rules". are fully vaccinated in Austria at present only 62 percent of the population. The Ministry of Health is betting that the stricter rules represent a further incentive to get vaccinated. Massive protests such as in Italy are not initially expected.

President Alexander Van der Bellen leaves his official residence in the Imperial Palace on October 26, the National Day, at least convert ever to Impfstraße. "We make the Hofburg year to Impfburg!" He says in a video. "Get your spades in the most beautiful Impfstraße Austria, in the Marble Hall of the Imperial Palace." Who'll get vaccinated, so the president is, after also invited to visit the Office of the President.

companies want 3G rules for office and production .
In view of rising corona infection numbers, according to a report by the "Trading Blatt" first company in Germany, the policy has to introduce a statutory 3G rule even for offices and production halls. © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa Some companies require a statutory 3G rule for offices and production halls. Thus, only vaccinated, genestra or negatively tested access could have been operated.

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