Ireland: head-to-face with the pope, face-to-face with Macron: biden in Rome Friday in curtain lift G20

new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations

 new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations Your Browser does not support this video Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on Friday by phone to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Australian submarine crisis. © Koji ITO / AP / SIPA US President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday by telephone, pursuing their efforts to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Crisis of Australian submarines, the White House confirming The next trip to Paris of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Le président américain Joe Biden s'apprête à embarquer sur son avion Air Force One sur la base d'Andrews, dans le Maryland, le 28 octobre 2021 © Brendan Smialowski The American President Joe Biden is preparing to embark on his plane Air Force One On the basis of Andrews, in the Maryland, on October 28, 2021

The meeting looks "warm" with the pope, a tantinet less with Emmanuel Macron: Joe Biden is Friday in Rome, in room driver before the top of the G20, and after promising a "historic" plan for the American economy.

The American President landed around 02:25 local (00:25 GMT) in Italy.

Just before going up in Air Force One, he presented to Washington a "historic" plan engaging thousands of billions of expenditure in infrastructure, energy transition and social benefits.

Brexit / Fishing: London Announces JOHNSON-MACRON MEETING IN G20

 Brexit / Fishing: London Announces JOHNSON-MACRON MEETING IN G20 GB-EU-France-Peche: Brexit / Fishing: London Announces Johnson-Macron meeting on the G20 margin © Reuters / Pool Brexit / Fishing : London announces a Johnson-Macron meeting on the margin of the G20 London (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to chat with the French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G20 summit this weekend in Rome, announced Friday his Spokesperson, while the tensions between Paris and London around the fishing areas in the sleeve after Brexit

But the project still waits for the green light of the American parliamentarians, on the back of dissension in the democratic camp.

After weeks of tortuous negotiations and disappointments, with a rating of confidence that sinks, Joe Biden would like during his European stay - in the wake of the G20 of Rome, he will go to Glasgow for the Great Cop26 conference on the climate - Take a little height, he who sees himself as a spokesperson for the democracies in front of authoritarian regimes, China in mind.

Le président américain Joe Biden et la première dame Jill Biden arrivent à Rome, dans la nuit du 28 au 29 octobre 2021 © Brendan Smialowski The American President Joe Biden and the first Lady Jill Biden arrive in Rome, on the night of October 28th to 29th 2021

, but he will begin his journey on a more intimate note.

Joe Biden goes Friday at the Vatican, where he will meet Pope Francis, for the fourth time of his life, but for the first time as President of the United States - he is the second Catholic ever elected to this function.

Climate: Joe Biden goes to the Cop26 Hands Almost Empty

 Climate: Joe Biden goes to the Cop26 Hands Almost Empty © Alberto Pizzoli Joe Biden (D) and the first Lady Jill Biden in Rome on October 29, 2021 The ambitious plan of Joe Biden for families and From the environment remained blocked Friday at Congress, depriving the US President of the success he hoped before the beginning of COP26. The vast plan, baptized "Build Back Better", is a campaign promise that plans to turn into a decade into the education, health and fight against climate change into a decade.

The White House expects that interview, to which the first Lady Jill Biden will also, be "warm", according to his spokesman Jen Psaki.

Joe Biden almost never misses the mass and often evokes the comfort found in faith, facing a series of dries - death in an accident of his first wife and their daughter still baby, then that of his son Beau, D 'cancer.

officially, the President and the Pope will discuss Friday of their common concerns: poverty, climate change and pandemic.

But the two men, whose meeting will be held far from the eyes and ears of journalists, will they also approach the much less consensual question of the right to abortion?

Joe Biden firmly defends him, the Pope considers that the voluntary interruption of pregnancy is "a murder". But the Sovereign Pontiff has distinguished himself with the American bishops, who would like to prohibit communion to politicians supporting the right to abortion.

Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to "do the necessary" to defend the British interests on the fishing

 Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron must meet during the weekend in Rome, on the sidelines of the G20 leaders summit which precedes the Cop26 in Glasgow © Christian Hartmann / Pool / AFP The British Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, at the NATO Summit in London, December 4, 2019.

Joe Biden must then talk to the Head of the Italian Government Mario Draghi.

host of the G20 summit that stands Saturday and Sunday, the former boss of the European Central Bank arouses interest in the United States and elsewhere with its forced reform projects.

Some commentators paint Mario Draghi, spent by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and by the American Bank Goldman Sachs, familiar names for American elites, in new star of the European political scene.

- Revive the flame -

while Joe Biden lost his aura. At the G20 as at COP26, the US president will show that he has not only broken with the verbal outrages of Donald Trump, but also with the temptations of withdrawal and unilateralism.

The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August disrupted the Allies of the United States.

Joe Biden will undoubtedly boast his reforms, which promises "the biggest investment ever made to deal with a climate crisis": $ 550 billion to cut into greenhouse gas emissions.

But its international partners have seen it pitched in the parliamentary procedure, which is not closed. They noted that Joe Biden had to halve his promises of social spending - who stay, with $ 1,750 billion, gargantuages.

The American president, who willingly recalls to have crisscrossed the world as a senator then vice-president, wants to turn on the flame with his allies. Starting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The two men must see Friday in Rome - Schedule and Location are not yet known - to seal their reconciliation, after a very serious diplomatic crisis around a contract of Australian submarines, that the United States has blown at France.


two investment plans, an election: decisive week for the presidency biden .
© brandan shamixowski The US President Joe Biden at the G20 summit in Rome, October 31, 2021 Joe Biden is at COP26 in Glasgow, but all Part of his presidency is played this week in the United States, between a crucial election in Virginia that prefigures next political battles and the possibility of a vote on his titanic investment plans.

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