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Ireland: Agela Merkel Farewell Visit for Burgundy Wednesday

Germany: The Future Coalition aims for an entry according to Olaf Scholz in early December

 Germany: The Future Coalition aims for an entry according to Olaf Scholz in early December © Michael Sogn, AP Olaf Scholz, current German Minister of Finance, member of the Social Democrat Party (SPD), upon arrival to a new Negotiations with representatives of the Greens and Liberals of the FDP, in Berlin, October 21, 2021.

  Visite d'adieu d'Angela Merkel prévue en Bourgogne mercredi © Ludovic Marin / AFP

A Ngela Merkel on departure. The German Chancellor, in power for 16 years, will make a last goodbye visit to France on Wednesday, November 3rd to meet President Emmanuel Macron in Beaune (East), announced Berlin this Friday.

The trip will be "focused on personal exchanges on current international and European policy," said Martina Fietz, the German government spokesman during a regular press conference.

"The invitation of President Macron is a sign of the close relations between Germany and France and reflects particularly confident cooperation between the two leaders, she added.

at EU Summit: Merkel with Standing Applause in Brussels adopted

 at EU Summit: Merkel with Standing Applause in Brussels adopted to their farewell to politicians, Chancellor Angela Merkel has received some gifts in Brussels in Brussels in addition to a lot of recognizing words. Standing Ovations also existed. According to diplomats, a small farewell ceremony was shown on Friday morning a 20-minute video with summit scenes from the past 16 years. © AFP Angela Merkel at her last official visit to Brussels. Merkel is also to be seen with numerous long-term official leaders, it was said.

Video: At its last European Council, Angela Merkel entrusts being "worried" for the future of the EU (Le Figaro)

a meeting under the sign of wine culture

Emmanuel Macron thus stimulated that this meeting in the heart of Burgundy "takes place in a city whose historical monuments and wine culture illustrate the richness of French heritage", according to a communiqué of the Elysee.

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"During this goodbye visit, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany will be given the badges of Grand Cross from the Legion of Honor" by the Chief French state, continues the presidency.

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after 16 years of power, Angela Merkel must leave the policy after the constitution of a new government expected for December. Since the legislative of 26 September, the Social Democrats (SPDs), the winners of the ballot, negotiate the formation of a coalition with ecologists and the Liberals. If they succeed, the current Minister of Finance, the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, will succeed him at the Chancery. The Conservatives of the Chancellor Camp, who knew their worst electoral defeat, are preparing to go into the opposition.

cards. COVID-19. Facing the rebound of the epidemic, Germany fears "difficult weeks" .
© EPA / MAXPPP / Ronald Wittek on November 4, 2021, a masked man passes in front of a restaurant in Heidelberg, in the Baden-Württemberg, where A poster restricts entry to "vaccinated or cured" people. In Germany, the incidence rate of COVID-19 has bumped by 150% since mid-October. The new outbreak of the epidemic mainly concerns young people, but contaminations also increase in the elderly, leaving an influx of patients into hospitals.

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