Ireland: Saarland leads 2G-plus mandatory and contact restrictions for unvaccinated

Anne wants: Policy failure of national scope

 Anne wants: Policy failure of national scope frustrated scientists, guilty politicians: At Anne, it is about the dramatic corona situation and a general vaccination. Because even if it hurts: one would have to be ahead of now.

because of the Coronalage, Saarland will soon put far-reaching 2G-Plus regulations and sensitive contact restrictions for unvaccinated. As Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) announced on Monday in the state parliament, among other things, vaccinated and geneses must provide a coronate test in the visit of the interior of the gastronomy, in the interior of the interior and with chasers services in the future. The regulation should follow through the course of the week.

Wegen der sich zuspitzenden Coronalage setzt das Saarland bald weitreichende 2G-Plus-Regelungen und erhebliche Kontaktbeschränkungen für Ungeimpfte in Kraft. Das kündigte Ministerpräsident Tobias Hans (CDU) im Landtag an. © Christof Stache Due to the Coronalage, the Saarland will soon put far-reaching 2G-Plus regulations and substantial contact restrictions for unvaccinated. This announced Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) in the state parliament.

for Unvacaked will soon be valid for the rule that they are publicly allowed to hit themselves with a further person outside their budget. Vacculated, geneses, students and students and children under six years, however, are not covered by this requirement according to the Prime Minister. Thus, a 2G duty will also come for all leisure activities that take place in the open air - including outdoor gastronomy.

COVID-19: In Germany, the sanitary pass is now required in companies

 COVID-19: In Germany, the sanitary pass is now required in companies © France 24 the staff of the Berliner Seilfabrik, a German SME against the new restrictions against CVIV-19. Faced with a number of unpublished contaminations since the beginning of the Pandemic of Covid-19, Germany hardens its sanitary restrictions. While the 100,000 deathbar has been crossed, and in the hope of avoiding a new confinement, the authorities bet on the health care. It has become mandatory in companies since Wednesday.

Hans explained the new restrictions for vaccinated and geneses fell "not easy". The infection dynamics go from the uncovered, although not exclusively. He at the same time referred to even further demands of experts after a lockdown. "We do not want to go that far," said Hans in his government statement loud text. "We want - as far as possible - got vaccinated and recent open spaces."

The government assumes that the now announced measures were sufficient to brake the fourth coronawelle in Saarland. Whether they are "sufficient" in the face of nationwide development "must be discussed on another level," the head of government added in the state parliament. The development of the case numbers is "dramatic" anyway. Now the omikron variant is added. It is therefore possible that in the coming months even a "worse pandemic" threatened.

in Saarland, according to the Robert Koch Institute, was around 442 and thus in the federal section, according to the Robert Koch Institute on Monday. The tensioning width of the incidences ranges from around 1285 in Saxony to 151 in Schleswig-Holstein. However, infection dynamics have been strongly increasing for weeks. The hospitality ratio, which provides information on the number of hospital instructs because of Corona Pro 100,000 inhabitants within a week, was 3.25 in Saarland.


"Police Presence": City Tag Chef requires harder 2G controls in private space .
Although contact restrictions for unvaccinated and tightened 2G rules have been applicable for around a week, but they are not controlled nationwide in the public and private space. "The municipal public official offices are working on domestic cities and on shopping streets", says the main executive of the German Urban Day, Helmut Dedy, the editorial network of Germany (RND). The current Corona rules are attributable to many people to curb the Corona pandemic.

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