Ireland: «curb your enthusiasm»: Larry David more biting than ever in season 11

Coronavirus in Israel: Launch of vaccination for children aged 5

 Coronavirus in Israel: Launch of vaccination for children aged 5 The Hebrew State had been one of the first countries to launch, in December 2020, a vast vaccination campaign for an agreement with the Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Pfizer Epidemie - The Hebrew State had been one of the first countries to launch, in December 2020, a vast vaccination campaign thanks to an agreement with the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Giant The Vaccination against Coronavirus children aged five to eleven began on Monday night in Israel , becoming one of the first countries, after the

  « Curb Your Enthusiasm » : Larry David plus mordant que jamais dans la saison 11 © HBO

The first time we refused to believe so much it was visible, bigger than the nose in the middle of the figure or l 'elephant in the room. In the first episode of the season 11 of Curb your enthusiam (Larry and its navel in VF, Curb any short for fans), Larry David goes to the premises of Netflix to pitcher his new project as a series to a series FICTIONAL FICTION OF THE STREAMING PLATFORM named DON JR (as the noisiest Trump son). The decor is routine: large windows opening on the undifferentiated suburbs of Los Angeles, vast sofas for informal meetings and three assistants overview to make tapestry. Few substance in this team but a perfectly studied composition: a woman in wheelchair, a black man and a lesbian, at least according to the stereotypes in force - unless it is a non-binary person -, What elsewhere, we quickly identified the painting: a malicious caricature of a world subject to the cultural injunctions of the Woke generation (or rather of the opportunistic recovery of their fighting by the multinationals). The satire is all the more virulent as it is played in the silence of figuration, our witnesses of the difference not exceeding the rank of accessories. We will find again the same or almost a little later, in the offices (fictional still) of Hulu, another streaming platform. To believe that there exists in Hollywood a place where you can rent a quota of diversity as we rent costumes.

King David

 King David © provided by Sofoot again striker on Tuesday night Faced with Salzburg (1-0) in Champions League, Jonathan David confirms his role as anavious man of the Lille attack since the beginning of the season . If the LOSC is a match of a C1 qualifier, it owes it in (large) part to its Canadian scorer. that it seems far, the time when Jonathan David was qualified as an attacker as interesting as awkward. In the space of one year, the Canadian kid burned all the steps faster than the others.

to believe also that Larry David is one of the few who can also take fiercely in the air of time without running the risk of being taken from the heralds of the Cancel Culture, as they say in franglais . No doubt because he is the first victim of his causticity. Eleven seasons already that he paints in a beautiful maso impetus in irreducible misanthrope, accused in turn role of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, handicapophobia and anti-Semitism (not the most modest of his successes , being himself Jewish), in short he paints like the worst person in the world: Richissime co-creator of Seinfeld (sitcom flagship of nineties available recently on Netflix) Party flowing from idle days to Los Angeles, where Its impossible character and its cowardice are wreaking havoc.

Covid-19: Global tourism should lose $ 2000 billion in 2021

 Covid-19: Global tourism should lose $ 2000 billion in 2021 © PH Lavieilla Some countries have resumed tourist activity during the summer, but new restrictions are now taken in several parts of the world . LP / PH. Lavieille This year will not really be better than the previous one. The global tourism sector should still lose $ 2,000 billion (€ 1,780 billion) in 2021 as a result of CVIV-19 pandemic restrictions, announced on Monday the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) .

Each episode is built around a micro-incident mounted in snow up to a grotesque denouement, a well-run mechanics that relies on a handful of worn patterns until the bind but modeled in infinite variations. In Curb, the slightest visit to the dentist or at the press leads to disastrous consequences for his hero who generally deserved it: in episode 4 of the new season, LD (pronounced "Eldi"), asks a launder. Jewish confession of cleaning the dress of a Ku Klux Klan member that he unfortunately stained. Faintness. The hate activist proves to the remaining rather friendly, modest farmer dropped around the world. More sympathetically in any case than Woody Harrelson , True Detective Star, quite flipping into the parody it comes to give of itself and its (real) activism in favor of the animal cause (the series is full of prestigious guests interpreting their own role). The radical postures of Hollywood illuminated are a comic material at least as noble as the obscurantism of Trump fanatics.

In another episode, a limousine awaits Larry David at the airport. Stupor: The driver is a woman, modest corpulence, a real little sparrow. Imagine his embarrassment. Should David let her carry her luggage because it's her job and is just as capable for a man? Or should he help him because the Galantery has it a day so, not just the gallantry besides, but also the simple sense since it must weigh 40 kilos to break everything? The moral dilemma seems a bit forced, the data of the problem varied depending on the case (and then maybe each person able to do so should bear his own suitcases), but it is necessary to decide: you have 4 hours. Larry, he, will take care of his own business. Result: a backed back and a visit to a physiotherapy loose by his patients because he bears brushed briefs. We live in an abject world.

Schäfer: Criticism of the fans and a fight announcement .
in difficult phases helps in most cases above all one: victories. After four bankruptcies at the piece, the VfL Wolfsburg wants to return to the performance track against the VFB Stuttgart on Saturday (18.30, live! At Kicker). And thus also recover his fans. © AFP Via Getty Images Hardly Also: In the Champions League many available places remained empty.

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