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Ireland: COVID-19. 56 854 New cases this Thursday, the point by department

card. COVID-19: the incidence rate beyond 300 in France, the point by department

 card. COVID-19: the incidence rate beyond 300 in France, the point by department © Franck Dubray / West-France / Archives A woman is tested at the coronavirus in a pharmacy in Nantes, December 18, 2020 . Public Health France reports 47,177 new cases in France this Tuesday, November 30, 2021, a figure up more than 10,000 cases compared to last week. In addition, the incidence rate now exceeds 300 at the national level. The number of contaminations continues its rise in France.

Un test PCR est analysé dans un laboratoire de virologie, le 1er décembre 2021. © Marc Ollivier / West-France A PCR test is analyzed in a virology laboratory, December 1, 2021.

Public health France reports 56,854 new contaminations at COVID -19 Thursday, December 9, 2021. In the hospital, the number of supported patients continues to increase. Now, more than 12 million people received a booster dose.

in its daily balance of the Covid-19 epidemic, France France announces 56,854 new contaminations this Thursday, December 9, 2021 , a figure up compared to last week (48,416 cases on Thursday, December 2 )

The average of new daily cases over 7 days slipping goes to 47,465.

over the period from November 30 to December 6, 2021 (consolidated data to J + 3), the national incidence rate is 469.8 cases Per 100,000 inhabitants, getting closer to the peak of autumn 2020, just over 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at the end of October 2020.

a USA-EU "robust" press release on China, says Washington

 a USA-EU USA-EU-China: a USA-EU "robust" press release on China, says Washington © Reuters / Francois Lenoir a statement USA-EU "robust" to wait on China, says Washington Washington (Reuters) - the United States and the European Union should publish Thursday after a meeting a "robust" common communiqué on their approach to In view of China, to express their growing convergences on the challenges represented by Beijing, said a high representative of the US State Department.

It is up 37% compared to last week.

As of December 6, the testing rate of the tests was 6.52%.

The southeast quarter and the Southwest remain the most affected areas, but levels are important across all territories.

The Ardèche and the Drôme approach 900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. An incidence rate greater than 500 is found in 35 departments.

This is the incidence rate by department as of December 6:

Here is the evolution of the incidence rate by department:

319 Hospitalizations of plus

The rise continues in the hospitals on Thursday. According to Public health data France, 13,363 patients are currently hospitalized, 319 more than the day before.

Among them, 2,461 are supported in critical care services, 35 more than Wednesday.

In the last 24 hours, 130 additional deaths occurred in recent days in hospitals have been identified, as well as 9 occurred in EHPAD. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 120 168 deaths have been found in France.

Case Pegasus: American diplomats hacked via their iPhones!

 Case Pegasus: American diplomats hacked via their iPhones! New revelations were published on Friday concerning the Pegasus scandal, one of the most serious generalized surveillance cases, conducted via spyware developed by the Israeli NSO firm. According to sources cited by 'Reuters', the cell phones of at least nine employees of the US State Department have been hacked with sophisticated spyware developed by the Israeli NSO firm, creator of Spy PEGASUS software.

to 8 December, 88.6% of the population over 12 was completely vaccinated , or 51,107,865 people. Of these, 18.3% also had a booster dose, ie 12,270,596 people.

Nearly 3.5 million people received a recall dose in the last eight days. This recall dose was estimated by safe and efficient from three months after the previous injection, announced Thursday the European Medicine Agency. Currently, the recommended time is 5 months.

with Omicron, New York fears to relive the nightmare of 2020 .
© AFP L ES Restaurants of Brooklyn close one after the other due to a soaring contamination, the queues to be tested. Length: New York fears to relive the 2020 nightmare, when the city was the world epicenter of the CVIV-19 epidemic. Saturday night, the state of New York, the fourth most populous in the country with some 20 million inhabitants, announced for the second consecutive day a record of positive cases in the coronavirus, with nearly 22,000 contaminations.

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