Ireland: COVID-19: Why the government intends to soften the rules of isolation with the Omicron

COVID-19 in India: Despite the accaltimia, the authorities remain on alert on Omicron

 COVID-19 in India: Despite the accaltimia, the authorities remain on alert on Omicron © AU - Rafiq Maqbool A man disguised as Santa Claus greets the children of a School of Bombay, India, December 15, 2021 . The schools of the cities reopened after almost 20 months of closure because of the pandemic of Covid-19. After having lived the chaos because of the Delta variant at the beginning of the year, India crosses a less tense moment in this pandemic of Covid-19. The official figures are significantly less serious in December 2021.

variant while the 100,000 daily contaminations should be exceeded between Christmas and New Year, the duration of the Isolation Period in case of contact An infected person is judged too long.

  Covid-19 : pourquoi le gouvernement entend assouplir les règles d'isolement avec le variant Omicron © Provided by FranceInfo

Review the rules of isolation to avoid the country's paralysis. Olivier Véran invited the Scientific Council on COVID-19 to provisions more adapted to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. Thursday, December 23, while France had listed more than 90,000 new cases , the Minister of Health revealed that "the rules of isolation will probably evolve". And add: "Even if I can not yet give the number of days of isolation, it will evolve obviously."

COVID: What is the government's strategy for the holidays?

 COVID: What is the government's strategy for the holidays? The Omicron variant continues to spread around the world and in France. In order to try to curb the progression of the epidemic, the government does not exclude "beyond" restriction measures in force. Several options are indeed on the table at the dawn of the end-of-year celebrations, and in particular for the new year.

Faced with the propagation of the Omicron Variant, The President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François DELFRISY, had alerted to "a possible societal disorganization of the company, from the beginning of January, when we have very, very many contaminations " The teacher fears that the multiplication of CVIV-19 cases leads to a multiplication of sick leave and therefore absenteeism at work.

While the government estimates that the 100,000 daily contaminations will be exceeded between Christmas and New Year's Day, the duration of the isolation period in case of contact with an infected person is considered too long.

The work stoppages multiplied by seven

video: there is no answer on the need to have a vaccine adapted to the Omicron variant, according to the EMA (Le Figaro)

Facing Omicron, Thailand restores forty for all travelers

 Facing Omicron, Thailand restores forty for all travelers © Tourists' Sakchai Lalit on their arrival at Bangkok Airport on November 1, 2021, after the reopening of borders. For fear of the Omicron variant epidemic that rages in Europe, Thailand, which has gradually reopened its doors to tourists in recent months, reimposes about forty at least seven days to all visitors.

Since December 13, this duration has increased to 17 days for those who are in the same fireplace as a positive person in the Omicron Variant. It also passed to 7 days for contact cases that live alone. And this, even if the person concerned is vaccinated and has done a negative test. Finally, for positive cases at this variant, ten days of isolation were required by the government.

Antoine Flahault epidemiologist has thus alerted Twitter : "C and provision may put the country on their knees. Knowing that on average a person contaminates more than 10 people, with 100,000 cases a day, C ' is one million cases in Quarantine 7 to 17 days. " According to him, if these isolation rules were maintained by the government in early January, "the country will be paralyzed" .

"In 7 days, the whole country will be in quarantine. Who could conceive the same disposition? Isolate 5 days The positives is useful, isolate cases contacts with Omicron is a wishful thinking."

COVID-19: Facing Omicron, Italy refers to the outdoor mask

 COVID-19: Facing Omicron, Italy refers to the outdoor mask © Valery Hache 28% of cases in Italy are due to the Omicron variant. AFP / Filippo Monteforte After Spain Wednesday , here is the tour of Italy. The Government decided on Thursday to make it mandatory the port of the surgical mask outside in all Italy, announced the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza at the end of a Council of Ministers.

Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist

on Twitter

between November 1st and mid-December, The number of derogatory work stoppages for people to isolate was multiplied by more than 7 from 5 763 to 42 541. Many essential sectors could undergo a stop if the isolation rules should not change in September.

The workforce could come to miss

a delicate situation confirmed by Jean-Christophe Repon, President of the Confederation of Crafts and Small Business Building: " It was already stretched before this new wave. There , contact cases and positive cases make that we lose labor and it will become complicated to provide activity, "he says on FranceInfo .

Among the most affected sectors, those in direct contact with the public such as hospitals, supermarkets, schools, but also public transport, where the staff is sorely starting to miss. Already T Ouvé by the fifth wave, the SNCF already had to cancel regional trains but the phenomenon remains for the moment "local and marginal", according to the direction.

This is why the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne asked for companies to "strengthen" the use of teleworking

from the start of the school year. But according to a Cabinet Harris survey, 44% of employment assets say it is impossible for them to work remotely.

The President of Botswana, where Omicron was detected, positive at COVID .
© Julien de Rosa President Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi in Paris on November 12, 2021 The President of Botswana, one of the first two countries with South Africa Neighbor to have detected the Omicron variant, has been placed in isolation after being positively tested at COVID-19, Monday announced the government in a statement. "The President has no symptoms and is the subject of a narrow medical follow-up," he said, adding that Mokgweetsi Masisi has been tested positive during routine check.

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