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Ireland: Corona vaccination obligation: Karl Lauderbach does not want to develop your own application

mounted no longer in quarantine

 mounted no longer in quarantine Dusseldorf. In NRW, Omikron is on the rise. Now the Ministers of Health want to shorten the quarantine for contact persons to seven days, in important occupations on five days. For botest contact persons, she should fall completely. The doctors in the Rhineland demand a FFP2 duty in bus and train. © Marijan Murat In Bus and Railways, citizens are to carry FFP2 masks again, demand doctors.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) will not submit his own application for a general vaccination requirement. He said that to the news portal “The Pioneer”. Presenting your own draft to the Bundestag is “not such a smart idea”. The CEO of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, says, on the other hand, does not understand that the corona vaccination is a long time coming. “Politics is very slow at the moment,” he said on RTL. This applies to the implementation of the resolutions of the most recent Prime Minister’s Conference on quarantine and also on mandatory

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) will refrain from submitting his own application for general vaccination . He told the news portal “The Pioneer”. Presenting your own draft to the Bundestag is “not such a smart idea”. As a minister, he wanted to remain neutral. However, Lauterbach does not see any particular time pressure for compulsory vaccination . In any case, it no longer plays a decisive role for the Omicron variant. Rather, the obligation to vaccinate is important for a possible new wave in autumn. The chairman of the board of the World Medical Association, Frank

The traffic light wants to vaccinate. The law should come from the middle of the Bundestag. Health Minister Lauterbach could submit an application as a deputy - now he said to the mirror, why he will not do it.

  Corona-Impfpflicht: Karl Lauterbach will keinen eigenen Antrag erarbeiten © Hannibal Hanschke / AFP

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauderbach renounces its own proposal for a general vaccination. He will join one of a proposal developed by the Bundestag , but "not lead" himself developed one, he said to the mirror.

The restraint justified Lauterbach with the offered neutrality as the Minister of Health. "Applications that convince me will work in the same way as other applications." This "neutrality" important to be able to offer the help of the Federal Ministry of Health alike all deputies, "said Lauterbach. The message portal »The Pioneer« had also confirmed the SPD politician not to formulate its own applications.

Lauterbach: Other corona measures needed

 Lauterbach: Other corona measures needed waistband and countries had agreed on Friday a 2G plus scheme for restaurants, cafes and pubs. Accordingly, only vaccinated and geneses with negative Corona test as well as people with refresh vaccination have access. The quarantine for contact persons and the insulation for infected are shortened so that important infrastructures do not collapse with a rapid spread of the omikron variant.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to grant the planned nursing bonus only to a limited group of nursing staff. “The care bonus should be paid primarily to care workers who were particularly stressed in the corona pandemic,” said the SPD politician to the editorial network Germany (RND). The SPD, Greens and FDP have stated in their coalition agreement that there should be a corona bonus for care workers. The traffic light government wants to provide one billion euros for this. The tax exemption of the care bonus is to increase to 3,000 euros.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is one of the biggest advocates of a corona vaccination obligation , but he does not want to submit his own legislative proposal. He also sees no particular time pressure. “We are clear advocates of mandatory vaccination .” The minister does not see any particular time pressure. For the Omikron variant, the compulsory vaccination no longer plays a decisive role. It has to work in perspective, “so that the wave can be averted in autumn.”

Federal Chancellor OLAF Scholz (SPD) had announced a vaccination obligation for all in December, but without a fixed schedule. In the Bundestag, deputies should submit their own applications without faction force, according to detailed debate, the law should then be decided in free coordination. On Wednesday, Scholz reaffirmed the project in his first government statement .

»Pasting with Omikron« If no vaccination obligation

also replaces Lauterbach now, with the vaccination obligation it does not go to speed, but about care. In the face of the current omikron wave, a vaccination obligation would come too late anyway. The Minister of Health wants the vaccination obligation as perspective protection. "We want to prevent we from standing again in front of a corona wave in the fall," said Lauterbach. One possible "sustaination with Omikron" can not replace a vaccination obligation: "That would be too dangerous. And we also expect other variants. "

The number of corona new infections in Germany Meanwhile, according to Robert Koch Institut (RKI), the second day in a row has reached a high. The RKI reports 81,417 cases in 24 hours, on Wednesday, the number had exceeded the threshold of 80,000 for the first time. The seven-day incidence gave the RKI with 427.7. For comparison, the same was located at 407.5 the day before. One week ago, the nationwide incidence was 285.9.

Health Minister of the Federation and countries advise again via Corona location .
two days before the next Bund-Country-Lace round to the Corona situation, the Country Health Ministers and Federal Health Minister Karl Laudutbach (SPD) on Saturday again discuss the further procedure in the pandemic. On the agenda of the videoconferencing, according to the committee-leading Magdeburg Ministry of Social Affairs, the vaccination obligation, the handling of the genesen status and generally the measures with regard to the omikron variant.

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