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7 Tips for the perfect white wine spritzer

 7 Tips for the perfect white wine spritzer What is the perfect mixing ratio of water and wine? Can ice cubes go in? Here you can find out how the perfect white wine spritzer succeeds © ISTOCKPHOTO The perfect white wine spritzer iStockphoto How we can easily do the perfect wine spritzer in summer? Wine specialist Carolin Bordon reveals her best tips! Ms. Bordon, which grape varieties are particularly suitable for a white wine spritzer? The best wine is a dry Riesling. He has little residual sweetness and a pleasant acidity.

Nature is struggling this year in summer. The plants outside are quite beaded between heat waves, storms and heavy rain. But the warmth is also a perfect growth weather in many places and the summer flowers shine in the bed. In “ Grünstadtman - short & dirty! ”explains host Karina Dinser nine-stem , which you can do in the garden in August. Because it is far from over the vegetable season - and when it comes to offshoots you should already think about the coming season! In our 5-minute month tips, as always, there are clever information, instructions and ideas for every season. Now listen to and know what's going on in the garden in August.

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A shortage can hide another: will milk be missing? .
The French have been undergoing full whip Inflation for a few weeks. Lots of daily food - from pasta butter to drinks and ice creams have seen their price increase in the first half of 2022. The costs of raw materials, energy and transport come into play. The Risks of shortage, which increases demand and decrease the supply, are also involved. The shortage may soon be to extend to milk and dairy products . We explain to you why.

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