Ireland: Deauville Festival. The film "Blonde", dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, screened as a national first

too full! Kasalla-Show after only 3 songs broken up

 too full! Kasalla-Show after only 3 songs broken up Weeze-The appearance of the popular Cologne Band Kasalla on Saturday evening at the electronics music festival " Parookaville " in Weeze (Lower Rhine) was canceled due to excessive viewers . © provided by Tag24 The "Parookaville" festival now takes place again after a two-year break. "It was very full and very tight," said the police spokeswoman from Kleve, Manuela Schmickler, on Sunday of the German Press Agency. "But there was no panic, nobody climbed over fences or barriers.

L'actrice Ana de Armas, ici le 18 juillet à Berlin, est l'actrice principale du film © David Gannon / AFP Archives Ana de Armas, here on July 18 in Berlin, is the main actress of the film "Blonde", D 'Andrew Dominik.

The Deauville Festival is fast approaching. The 48th edition will take place from Friday 2 to Sunday 11 September 2022. The opportunity to present films expected in 2022, like Blonde, a film directed by Andrew Dominik. Inspired by Joyce Carol Oates's bestseller, this psychological drama makes a rereading of the life of Marilyn Monroe, interpreted by American actress Ana de Armas. It will be screened in French premiere.

Award for American actress Ana de Armas: she will receive the New Hollywood Prize at the Deauville American Cinema Festival (Calvados). The 48th edition is scheduled from Friday 2 to Sunday 11 September 2022. The films in competition and expected on the screens for the end of the year will be broadcast at the Deauville International Center.

Richard-Wagner Festival in Bayreuth: Bravo, Bravo

 Richard-Wagner Festival in Bayreuth: Bravo, Bravo In times of war, crisis and chaos, the Bayreuth Festival was opened with a new version of Wagner's love opera »Tristan and Isolde«. To the favor of the illustrious audience. © Daniel Löb/ dpa minutes-long applause, real jubilation: The »Tristan and Isolde« production by director Roland Schwab showed an utopian, extremely romantic interpretation of Richard Wagner's great love opera-and she obviously hit a nerve with the audience.

This is the case of Blonde , a film by Andrew Dominik . This psychological drama, inspired by the bestseller of Joyce Carol Oates, "reinvents with daring the life of Marilyn Monroe and explores the gap between her public image and her true nature". The Hollywood icon is interpreted by Ana de Armas, also known for his roles in Die can wait (2022) , The Gray Man (2022) , A knives drawn (2019) or Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

Released on Netflix on September 28

Blonde is in the running for the Golden Lion for the best film of the Venice Festival, whose 79th edition will be held from August 31 to September 10, 2022. It will be released on September 28, only on Netflix.

2022 will be a fruitful year for the 34 -year -old actress: roles in films that are a hit, a certain image on social networks and now a reward at the American Cinema Festival, for the one who started her career in front of the camera Adolescence, in Cuba.

Berlin Pop Festival: So big, so diverse and more colorful than ever .
Whoever visits the cultural brewery from August 24th to 26th, a full program awaits. As part of this year's international pop culture festival, over a hundred events take place, including over 80 concerts and DJ sets. In addition, several readings, discussions, films and commissioned works, i.e. order work, are planned for the festival.

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