Ireland: Welt goalkeeper election-Trapp: "Is an honor"

Scholz visit to the DFB: "Great honor" and a big topic

 Scholz visit to the DFB: when playing with the round leather, Olaf Scholz is a typical event fan. As is well known, he was "not the big soccer specialist", the Chancellor once admitted, "but I'm a football fan at big tournaments". © Britta Pedersen/dpa pays a visit to the DFB: Chancellor Olaf Scholz. , above all, the European women's European Championship just ended in England was enthusiastic about grandstandast Scholz - and prompted a push that can dare, naive or long overdue depending on the perspective.

Kevin Trapp was one of the outstanding characters at Eintracht Frankfurt's Europa League victory. The goalkeeper is now even a group of candidates for the election as the world keeper of the year.

Welttorhüter-Wahl – Trapp: © provided by Welt goalkeeper election-Trapp: "Is an honor"

a few days ago, Eintracht Frankfurt sent a press release on the subject of Kevin Trapp: The occasion from the goalkeeper's perspective and Hesse? A joyful one: "The national keeper recommended himself with his achievements in the previous calendar year for the Candidate Circle around the Trophée Yachine."

The winner of the election carried out by the French magazine France Football since 2019 is chosen as part of the awarding of Ballon d'Or . So

"Already embarrassing": Greens have to call back hundreds of election posters in Baerbock's home

 the Greens in Annalena Baerbocks Heimatstadt Hanover is under pressure because of an election post. The Hanover City Association has to call back hundreds of election posters because a spelling mistake was overlooked when printing for the upcoming state election in Lower Saxony. © Picture Alliance/dpa Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) grew up in Hanover. instead of "Lower Saxony" can be read on the election posters of the Green politician Julia Willie Hamburg.

Trapp is there in the race for a personal trophy - named after the world -class scart Lew Iwanowitsch Jaschin, who won the European Championship with the then Soviet Union in 1960. "This nomination means a lot to me," said the 32-year-old about Sport1.

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It is the crowning glory of a season that ended with the victory in the Europa League. Trapp was a key figure in the final in Seville against the Glasgow Rangers. His foot defense shortly before the extension ended the penalty shootout in the first place. There he parried the fourth attempt shortly before midnight-and laid the foundation for the Eintracht triumph. Trapp was elected to the best eleven of the year by UEFA, the nomination for the Welt goalkeeper election is therefore logical.

“It is better to leave”: the disturbing message of Line Renaud who wants to die in “her bed”!

 “It is better to leave”: the disturbing message of Line Renaud who wants to die in “her bed”! This Thursday, August 11, Line Renaud spoke on Twitter to assert her word about euthanasia. © Marechal Aurore/Abaca “It is better to leave”: the disturbing message of Line Renaud who wants to die in “her bed”! A thousand year old debate. Do we have the right to die in dignity? Some countries think so, and others do not. In France, euthanasia is not authorized, but some would like this to be the case.

"An honor": Trapp's competition is called Courtois, Ederson and the new

"It is an honor to be nominated for this title alongside all the other great goalkeepers," says the Saarlander, which, however, did not forget the big picture: "That Is a nice feedback for what we as a team, but I also personally did last year. ”

The competition, of course, is huge. Einson won the English title with Manchester City, Manuel Neuer again towered over at FC Bayern Munich and German national team, Thibaut Courtois secured Real Madrid against the Champions League victory against Liverpool with spectacular parades. Including Trapp - they are only four of the ten names that have been nominated.

This is Trapp's favorite

"Kevin Trapp", his answer to the question of the favorite initially fell jokingly and with a wink. He seriously added: "Thibaut Courtois or Manuel Neuer." The trophy will be awarded on October 17th.

Italy before the choice: Prime maker Meloni is proud of her fascist history

 Italy before the choice: Prime maker Meloni is proud of her fascist history A careless interview response from ex-premier Berlusconi alerts Italy: What becomes the anti-fascist constitution-under a post-fascist? © Photo: dpa/Zuma Wire/La Presse/Cecilia Fabiano Giorgia Meloni has the best chance of becoming Italy's first prime minister. The old gentleman has been talking lately. He recently claimed that he had brought the Brussels after-Covid billions into the country-which was actually not due to his known tendency to lie, but probably a certain confusion.

The predecessors were called Alisson Becker (2019/FC Liverpool) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (2021/AC Milan - 2020 was the choice of Coronabed). Regardless of how the journalist election ends, this nomination has a high level of meaning for Trapp and the entire club Eintracht Frankfurt. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

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Ivory Coast: Simone Gbagbo created her political party two years before the presidential election .
© AFP - SIA Kambou Simone Gbagbo launched her political training, the generation movement capable, on August 20, 2022 in Abidjan, in Côte d 'Ivory. Simone Gbagbo announced on Saturday in Abidjan the creation of her political party. The ex-first lady of Côte d'Ivoire thus broke politically with Laurent Gbagbo, with whom she had formed a formidable tandem in power for ten years.

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