Ireland: strike in the United Kingdom: “serious disturbances” to be expected in the logistics chain

Saudi Arabia: the scandalous condemnation of Salma al-Chehab

 Saudi Arabia: the scandalous condemnation of Salma al-Chehab by inflicting the ubiquitous sentence of thirty-four years in prison on the young doctoral student in medicine for having defended human rights, the judges justify the worst clichés whose Saudi authorities are The first to complain. There was therefore judges in Saudi Arabia to condemn, on August 9, to thirty-four years in prison, a doctoral student in dental medicine.

Les salariés du plus grand port de fret du Royaume-Uni ont entamé un mouvement qui pourrait durer jusqu'à huit jours, sans avancée sociale. AFP/BEN STANSALL © Ben Stansall The employees of the largest freight port in the United Kingdom have started a movement that could last up to eight days, without social advance. AFP/Ben Stansall of "serious disturbances" in the logistics chain are to be expected. This is what a head of the British union unites while a strike for wages has been underway since Sunday, August 21 in the largest Port of Fret in the United Kingdom. This social movement must last at least eight days at the port of Felixstowe, in eastern England, a first since 1989. But it "could be finished this afternoon if the employers agree to meet us for real negotiations" , underlined Robert Morton, boss of the union's logistics branch. Otherwise, "the logistics chain will undergo serious disturbances. This is one of the regrettable consequences of such situations, "he added to the Sky News television antenna. An increase in wages to compensate for inflation, unit unionists claim 10% increase to stop their movement, an increase in wages "at least equal to the rate of inflation". This reached in July 10.1% by one year and could exceed 13% in October, the highest level in a G7 country. The port management offers them 7%, as well as a premium of more than 500 pounds paid in one time. "If we do not reach our ends, there will be more strikes," warned Robert Morton. A Felixstowe official stressed that management had adjusted its position, since it only offered 5% increase at the start. "Only one of the two parties is trying to reach an agreement," criticized Paul Davey, director of public affairs of the port, on Sky News. A series of strikes in progress in the country This strike constitutes the last episode of a series of claiming actions for better wages in the United Kingdom, where households are faced with a historic fall in their purchasing power. The country experienced between Thursday and Saturday three consecutive days of work stoppages having disrupted transport, notably the London Metro . Other professions have mobilized, such as lawyers, who announced on Monday that they have decided to strengthen their movement following an internal consultation of their order, which is likely to aggravate the engorgement of the courts.

pilot strike at Lufthansa: 18 percent are not enough .
The whole Friday is strike. Pilots from Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo want more money and a new remuneration structure. © Photo: dpa A strike-ready Lufthansa pilot wears a button on the uniform at a rally by the Pilot Union Association Cockpit. months of negotiations have failed, and after the pilot union cockpit (VC) had already voted on a strike at the end of July, the time has come. Lufthansa will be strike on Friday.

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