Ireland: Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega rejects the outstretched hand of the pope and qualifies the Church as "dictatorship"

The King of Morocco invited by Algeria to the top of the Arab League in Algiers

 The King of Morocco invited by Algeria to the top of the Arab League in Algiers © Farouk Batique, AFP Algeria broke its diplomatic links with Morocco in August 2021, accusing Rabat of "hostile acts". A decision qualified as "completely unjustified" by Rabat. In a context of strong tensions between the two countries, Algeria gave an invitation to the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, to attend the Arab League at the start of November in Algiers.

  Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega rejette la main tendue du pape et qualifie l'Eglise de © Nicaraguan Presidency/AFP/Archives

F Applicating the outstretched hand of the Pope who insisted on the need for "dialogue" , President Nicaraguan Daniel Ortega called the Catholic Church as "perfect dictatorship, perfect tyranny" on Wednesday evening.

In a context of increasing tension with the Church after the arrest of a critical bishop of the government and the expulsion of the apostolic nonce, the Nicaraguan president exclaimed: "Who elects the priests? Who elects the cardinals? Who Unts the pope? (...) Is it a perfect dictatorship, a perfect tyranny! ".

On the occasion of a speech for the 43rd anniversary of the Nicaraguan police foundation, M. Ortega drew up an indictment against the Catholic Church.

in Kabul, defying the Taliban, women show in support of the Iranian women

 in Kabul, defying the Taliban, women show in support of the Iranian women there are more courageous positions than others. That of the twenty-five Afghan women who met Thursday, September 29, in front of the Iran Embassy in Kabul to support the demonstrations in Iran is one of them. For about fifteen minutes, the demonstrators chanted slogans of support for the angry Iranian people before being dispersed by the shots pulled in the air by the Taliban.

He went from the Inquisition to violence against Aboriginal children in Canada , including "priests, bishops" Nicaraguans accused of having "armed" the demonstrators who claimed his resignation in 2018 for "an attempt to Coup d'etat "at the instigation of American" imperialism ".

Pope Francis insisted on September 15 on the need to "never stop dialogue" with the Nicaragua , where tensions rise between the State and the Catholic Church.

"There is a dialogue. We talked to the government. There is a dialogue. It does not mean that we approve everything that the government does. Or that we disapprove of everything," said the Argentinian pope.

In March, Nicaragua expelled the Vatican ambassador . And in August, Mgr Rolando Alvarez, a regime critic, was arrested and "under house arrest", according to the police who invoked "destabilizing and provocative" activities of the bishop.

The diplomatic skittle game continues in Nicaragua

 The diplomatic skittle game continues in Nicaragua © Nicaraguan Presidency/AFP L E Nicaraga is found even more isolated on the international scene on Saturday after President Daniel Ortega refused the arrival of the designated ambassador by the United States then broke up diplomatic relations with the Netherlands . Seven months after the expulsion of the apostolic nonce, and the day after the notification of that of the European Union ambassador, the country of Central America added a country to its black list.

"Me, I would say to his holiness the pope, very respectfully, to the Catholic authorities -I am Catholic -as a Christian, I do not feel represented", he said by evoking "the terrible history" of the 'Church.

"We hear them talking about democracy," he said, recommending that all the ecclesiastics -from priests to the Pope, passing by the cardinals -are elected by the faithful.


M. Ortega also attacked the US Subsecretaire of State Brian A. Nichols "which comes out continuously with declarations -which resembles a Bulldog -(...) which barks against Cuba, Against Venezuela, against Nicaragua ".

M. Ortega did not reserve its arrows for the Catholic Church and in the United States alone.

He notably denounced the Chilean government, whose President Gabriel Boric recently criticized human rights violations in Nicaragua. The Chilean government denounced Mr. Ortega, "mounted on the basics of a dictatorship, a tyranny + Pinochetiste + and which represses the students".

The Catholic Church is not the only institution in the crosshairs of Mr. Ortega. According to a diplomatic source, Minister Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Denis Moncada notified his expulsion to the European Union ambassador in Managua, Bettina Muscheidt on Wednesday.

Mr. Ortega did not confirm this information during his speech.

The EU and the United States have imposed numerous sanctions in Nicaragua and personalities of the regime for four years, notably invoking human rights violations.

The EU also requested the release of more than 200 imprisoned opponents.

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His interview with Pope Francis refused, a tourist breaks two ancient busts in the Vatican .
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