Ireland: TNB Festival. Behind the scenes of the election of Miss Poitou-Charentes at the theater in Rennes

Rennes. "In art history, we don't talk about models! »

 Rennes. © Danielle Voirin The band at Laura de Gaëlle Bourges TNB festival. In a show of young audiences, in a fun way, Gaëlle Bourges revisits the place of models in painting, and presents a critical vision of art history. All the work of Gaëlle Bourges revolves around the history of art, sculpture, painting ... For her new show (the band to) Laura, the director looks at Olympia, famous painting by Édouard Manet painted in 1863 which was scandal. We see a young naked white woman, lying on a couch.

Tenir debout, de Suzanne de Baeque. © Dr to stand up, from Suzanne de Baeque.

In her show "To stand up", Suzanne de Baeque, evokes her journey in immersion, and chooses to give the floor to the candidates. With humanity.

“Everything is true in this story! insists the actress Raphaëlle Rousseau, leaving the TNB school. Suzanne de Baeque had the idea of ​​this show, when her grandfather seeing an announcement at the supermarket checkout tells him, "If you do not have your competitions at the theater school, you will be able to Inscribe in the election of Miss Poitou ... "" I was looking for an idea of ​​immersion work. I kept her. »

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Goncourt of high school students. The favorite books of students from Brittany and Normandy are ...

 Goncourt of high school students. The favorite books of students from Brittany and Normandy are ... The students of Brittany and Normandy voted Monday, November 21, 2022 for their favorite books: the artificial links of Nathan Devers, Beirut-sur-Seine, of Sabyl Ghoussoub, and His favorite, from Sarah Jollien-Fardel. A fourth, Pascale Robert-Diard's little liar, is also still in the running. The final price will be awarded Thursday, November 24, in Rennes.

She makes fun of the system, but never candidates

Suzanne de Baeque enrolls, learns to parade, but above all spends time with girls, “I discussed with them, I saw them afterwards, filmed them in their activities. her show, holding up standing, where she tells everything, laughs at the system, but never candidates. “These meetings foiled my a priori. Often, it is in an approach to want to regain power over an aspect of their life. They are well aware of the device, but are animated either by a competitive spirit, or a desire to reclaim your body after a disease… ”

Raphaëlle Rousseau et Suzanne de Baeque © Ouest-France Raphaëlle Rousseau and Suzanne de Baeque

So, the candidates are not Activist, raised fist, "They do not claim anything, but also tell something about the youth today, something in France. I wanted to make these life testimonies heard. "

new election in Berlin: The way it can't stay now!

 new election in Berlin: The way it can't stay now! The clap is official: Berlin has to completely repeat its chaos election from last September at the state and district level . The State Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday. The verdict was expected because the constitutional judges had already leaned out of the window very far at the hearing at the end of September. © provided by Berliner Zeitung Nevertheless, one should make it clear that this is the preliminary end of a first -class embarrassment.

Giving the floor to the candidates

to become Miss Poitou, it is a dream, a desire, " like the one we have to become an actress, except that it is less valued ". Raphaëlle Rousseau immediately agreed to participate in the adventure of this play with Suzanne de Baeque, met during Florent, "because it is a way of talking about the body of women as we do not see, to evoke A femininity which initially fits into stereotypes, in these competitions where everything is standardized, where girls are numbers. They are not allowed to express themselves. There, it was giving them back, saying who they are. »

Thursday November 24, 2022, at 9 p.m., Friday November 25, at 6:30 p.m., Saturday November 26 at 7 p.m., at TNB, Parigot Hall, as part of the TNB festival.

In an election victory, the Greens want to lead the coalition of the SPD and LINKE .
in an election victory, the Berlin Greens want to continue the coalition with social democrats and leftists. Then occupy the red town hall and put the governing mayor of Berlin. This made the party's parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, Silke Gebel, made clear in an interview at TAZ (Tuesday). © provided by Berliner Zeitung If there was a repetition of the choice, the Greens wanted to advertise the Berliners to become the strongest strength, says Gebel.

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