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Ireland: Ana Ivanović does not understand children when grandparents come - Schweinsteiger with problems

dramatic bed lack in children's clinics

 dramatic bed lack in children's clinics Emergency doctors raise the alarm: The children's clinics currently have great difficulties in supplying all seriously ill small patients. In some places, there is not a single bed free. © dpa/Marijan Murat The children's clinics in Germany currently have great difficulty to provide all small patients. © dpa/Marijan Murat Munich. German intensive and emergency doctors complain about a dramatic lack of bed in children's clinics.

Ana Ivanović also does not understand children when grandparents come - Schweinsteiger with problems

Ana Ivanović is also about to learn German. However, it can still do very little with Bavarian. This leads to some unexpected problems.

Munich - Bastian Schweinsteiger is experiencing his renaissance. If the ARD expert was heavily criticized for his analyzes, the ex-professional at the 2022 World Cup shines alongside moderator Esther Sedlaczek. With ex-partner Jessy Wellmer, the interaction often seemed a bit stiff before.

Ana Ivanovićborn: November 6, 1987 (35 years old) in Belgradex tennis-professional success: French Open Champion 2008 Privates: Married to Bastian Schweinsteiger, two sons

RS virus: Frankfurter children's clinics beat alarm

 RS virus: Frankfurter children's clinics beat alarm "Bound of treatment capacities" RS virus: Frankfurt children's clinics beat alarm © t-Online RSV wave in Germany: More and more children develop the RS virus, which is highly contagious - in Frankfurt too. Clinics are already warning of bed emergency.

Ana Ivanović has two sons together with Schweinsteiger

in private life is completely different Woman alongside Schweinsteiger. The 38-year-old has been married to the former tennis player Ana Ivanović since 2016. The couple has two sons who were born in 2018 and 2019.

Luka and Leon, that's the name of the two boys. They grow up in three languages. Because while Schweinsteiger was born in Kolbermoor in Bavaria, Ivanović comes from Serbia. The couple's common language is therefore English.

  Ana Ivanović versteht Kinder nicht, wenn Großeltern kommen – auch Schweinsteiger mit Problemen © provided by TZ Photo © Imago Images/Instagram

Ana Ivanović: When Bavarian, it becomes difficult

If Ana or Bastian are alone with your children, talk to the two boys in your mother tongue. Ivanović, on the other hand, is just learning German and is making its progress.

Health Senator meets doctors: Berlin's children's clinics are supposed to postpone less urgent interventions.

 Health Senator meets doctors: Berlin's children's clinics are supposed to postpone less urgent interventions. Pediatricians criticize irresponsible conditions and throw in the Berlin health senator inactivity. The Senate Administration points to its efforts to improve improvements. © Photo: dpa / Marijan Murat A patient with a respiratory sync virus (RS-virus or RSV) is affected by a children's ward of a clinic in a bedside. The Senate Department for Health has criticized several pediatricians in connection with the discussion about the difficult situation of many children's stations in Berlin.

finally difficult when a fourth “language” comes into the house. Because as already mentioned, Schweinsteiger from Kolbermoor, a small town in the Upper Bavarian Alpine foothills, comes. And there, the Bavarian dialect is lived there by part of the population, especially the older generation.

Ana Ivanović is just beginning to learn in German

Even if Schweinsteiger is trying to speak High German on TV, his Bavarian dialect sounds through one or the other. If the 2014 world champion is at home in Kolbermoor, the High German will probably be packed aside.

for Ivanović it will be really difficult - especially when the grandparents of the two children are guests. "This is a problem for me. I'm just starting to understand German, and then they come with Bavarian, ”laughs the ex-tennis player in an interview with RTL from the beginning of 2022.

Ana Ivanović now lives with Bastian Schweinsteiger in Kitzbühel

Schweinsteiger, the other way around different. When Ana speaks to the children, I sit "sometimes there and don't understand a word of what they say," said Schweinsteiger in an interview with the FAZ.

Despite the communication problems, the Schweinsteigers otherwise live a tranquil life. The small family lives in a small village near Kitzbühel in a small village. (KK)

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