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Ireland: prominent cooking to the festival: Ines Hofmann and her cookie gang

study shows negative attitudes towards old people

 study shows negative attitudes towards old people A relatively large proportion of the population, according to a survey, has negative attitudes towards older people. The federal government's anti -discrimination officer, Ferda Ataman, said in Berlin at the presentation that it was frightened by the view that the view was that older people should withdraw from society. © Kira Hofmann/dpa central picture/dpa According to a survey, the view that older people should withdraw from society should be widespread.

Ines Hofmann meet every year for baking cookies with three school friends. She particularly likes a variety - snowflakes.

Ines Hofmann, Geschäftsführerin des Städtischen Klinikums Görlitz, präsentiert einen Teil der Plätzchen, die sie mit Freundinnen gebacken hat. © Martin Schneider © Martin Schneider Ines Hofmann, managing director of the city clinic Görlitz, presents some of the cookies that she baked with friends. © Martin Schneider

Ines Hofmann there are frames: she is not a cooking and bakery. Not that she couldn't, but the family who lives in Königshain near Görlitz the week in Kantinen. At the weekend, the mother often spoils the family with delicious food. When Ines Hofmann cooks, she likes it with the whole family or with the guests, so that everyone can help and cook it out for no stress. Communication with each other is possible and cooking becomes an experience for everyone.

Advent Festival: Ross Anthony disturbed spectators with snow scene

 Advent Festival: Ross Anthony disturbed spectators with snow scene at the "Advent Festival of the 100,000 Lights" by Florian Silbereisen, the English hit star Ross Anthony also performed on Friday evening (December 2, 2022). © Imago/Future Image Florian Silbereisen (left) and Ross Antony (right) during the show "Advent festival of the 100,000 lights". Anthony ensured a disturbing scene. with his German interpretation of the Christmas classic "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow", he created a good atmosphere among the Schlager fans.

But the managing director of the Görlitz City Clinic does not miss a tradition - there has been a fixed date for about twelve years at the beginning of the Advent.

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With one variety it quickly becomes just

then Ines Hofmann (46) Your home in Königshain with three friends. The Görlitz women have had close friendship since school. In the first few days in Advent, the four women bake cookies together. Eight or nine varieties of the pastries are created. Two of the recipes for the cookies are new every year, the others have been baked in previous years and found to be good. Some are standard and end up on the baking sheets every year.

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 Urgent call back in DM: Diarrhea, nausea and fever threaten-Bio-product called Urgent recall in DM: Diarap, nausea and fever threaten-Bio-product called back Some batches of an organic product from the drugstore chain DM could be contaminated with salmonella. The company calls back the product. Munich-Anyone who has bought organic pepper from DM or have at home on the spice shelf should take a look at the best before date. Certain batches of the organic product could possibly be contaminated with salmonella, reports

Each of the girlfriends already brings the finished dough with it - the twice the amount, so to speak, so that the cookies can be divided among women and is enough for everyone. Most of the place with the Hofmann family extends to Christmas. Sometimes it is sometimes scarce with one variety: with the snowflakes cookies. "They are so tasty and melt on the tongue," explains Ines Hofmann. So that SZ readers may be able to convince themselves of this, she reveals the recipe here. "But the snowflakes are not a typical Christmas cookie, you can bake and snack all year round," says Ines Hofmann.

The ingredients:

For the snowflakes cookies you need:

250 grams of butter, 100 grams of powdered sugar, 250 grams of cornstarch, 60 grams of flour and two bags of vanilla sugar.

and so it is done:

The cookies are baked without egg. About 130 pieces arise from the ingredients. And this is how it is done: powdered sugar, the flour and the cornstarch seven and everything with the vanilla sugar to the soft butter. A slightly creamy dough is kneaded from this.

Tech industry against Netanyahu

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From the dough you form relatively small balls and place it on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. With a fork you press the balls in a cookie shape. Ines Hofmann points out that the cookies should not be pressed too thin and should not be so close on the baking sheet.

at about 160 degrees in the preheated oven, the snowflakes are baked lightly for about 15 to 20 minutes. The cookies don't have to be brown.

In pure working hours, you have to invest about half an hour, says Ines Hofmann. "The cookies are quite simple to bake and therefore also suitable for children for helping children - and of course to snack."

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