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Ireland: More data theft of ATMs

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data theft of ATMs in Germany hardly pays off for criminals. However, increasing number of cases in the current year show that the risk of being spied on when lifting money is still real in this country. In addition: perpetrators always find new ways to bring bank customers to data and money.

Datendiebe haben im laufenden Jahr wieder deutlich häufiger an Geldautomaten in Deutschland zugeschlagen. © Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa Data thieves have again struck ATMs in Germany much more often in the current year.

up to and including November of the current year, Euro card systems 222 manipulations of ATMs in Germany. In the first eleven months of 2021 there were 116 such “skimming” cases, in the year 2021 there were 136. Individual machines can appear several times in statistics. In order to illegally come to card data and secret numbers (PIN), perpetrators, for example, manipulate the card reader or the keyboard of an ATM.

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Damage is due to the limits

Despite the increasing number of cases, the experts in the Frankfurt facility give the all -clear: In this way, criminals in Germany could only turn into money spied out in 102 cases. The gross thread due to “skimming” attacks decreased by 70 percent of the year to the record low of 99,000 euros.

«The Skimming business model has now finally become a discontinued model for the fraudsters by the worldwide implementation of the safe EMC chip technology on the map and terminal,» Euro Card systems summed up. With EMC technology, the authenticity of payment cards is checked with the help of a built-in mini computer for every use.

worldwide there are only a few countries in which payment cards are equipped with relatively easily copied magnetic strips and readers are designed for magnetic strips in stores. Basically, criminals can only use fake cards based on data stolen in Germany. As a result, payment cards that were created as a duplicate based on this in Germany, according to Euro card systems, were created in the current year, especially in Brazil (60 percent) and in the USA (25 percent) and in the St. Lucia Caribbean island (St. Lucia ( 14 percent).

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Because for damage from fraudulent business with stolen map data thanks to international agreements, the federal states with the lowest security standards have to pay, the local credit industry can get almost the entire amount of damage back.

New fraud method in circulation

consumers who have become victims of "skimming" usually do not have to fear a financial disadvantage. As a rule, financial institutions in Germany replace such damage - provided that customers have carefully handled card and PIN.

But fraudsters are inventive: "Another fraud method is currently - unfortunately with success - moves in: the social engineering," warned Euro card systems. Criminals on the phone or when contacting the email, for example, as a technician or employee of a telecommunications company, can be used to obtain consumers to disclose confidential account information or to visit a certain prepared website.

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In particular, consumers who tried to do everything against data abuse falls into the mesh according to the knowledge of Euro card systems. With this method, criminals can even undermine the two-factor authentication that is now common in online banking. In order to transfer money, the two-factor authentication is not enough to dial into the account with access data. The money transfer must be released separately, for example, via an app of the relevant bank with the personal mobile phone.

Simple safety precautions

Easy make it again and again some consumers criminals by keeping the


PIN together in the wallet despite all the warnings. The damage caused by theft or loss of payment cards in Germany added up to almost 24.7 million euros from January to November. That was 50 percent more than a year earlier. The number of cases in the event of theft and loss rapidly rapidly to 20,034. has been high for years with a particularly rabid method of illegal money procurement: The demolition of ATMs "has recently taken a worrying development", the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in November. In 2021, the investigators registered 392 attempted ATM blasts nationwide. In 189 cases, perpetrators captured cash: a total of 19.5 million euros. In addition, there are damage to property on buildings in the middle double -digit million range.

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