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Ireland: The famous Christmas pope at the Vatican, in thought with Ukraine

Stoltenberg: Putin set to "Long War" in Ukraine

 Stoltenberg: Putin set to The Russian President Vladimir Putin is set for a "long" war in Ukraine , according to NATO. There is no sign that Putin has given up his goal of "checking Ukraine," said NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg on Friday of the AFP news agency. The Kremlin boss is also ready to run new military offensives in the neighboring country. © provided by Berliner Zeitung “We should not underestimate Russia. Russia is planning for a long war, ”emphasized Stoltenberg.

  Le pape célèbre Noël au Vatican, en pensée avec l'Ukraine © AFP

D ES Thousands of people are expected on Sunday on Saint-Pierre Place in Rome to see Pope Francis Delive his Christmas message, which should grant A large place at Ukraine at war.

The spiritual leader of the Catholic Church will be addressed to the faithful from the Balcony of the Saint-Pierre Basilica in the Vatican , where he traditionally gives himself an overview of conflicts in the world, before pronouncing the blessing "Urbi et Orbi" ("in the city and the world").

During this speech broadcast live worldwide, the Pope should linger on the conflict in Ukraine, for the first Christmas since the country's invasion by Moscow in February.

Pope Francis will restore three fragments of the Parthenon to the Archbishop of Athens

 Pope Francis will restore three fragments of the Parthenon to the Archbishop of Athens This gesture, the date of which has not been specified, was decided "in a concrete sign of the sincere desire to continue the ecumenical path to testimony to The truth, "said the Vatican. Pope Francis will return to the Orthodox Archbishop of Athens three fragments of the Parthenon, preserved in the Vatican museums, as a sign of friendship and ecumenical dialogue, the Holy See announced on Friday.

If the Argentinian Jesuit tirelessly pleads for peace, he also tried to maintain a delicate dialogue with Moscow, which earned him certain criticisms for not having taken a position more clearly against the policy of the Russian president Vladimir Putin .

Saturday evening, some 7,000 people attended the traditional Christmas night mass chaired by the pope in the Saint-Pierre basilica, according to the Vatican.

The 86 -year -old pope, who is still suffering from knee pain, prayed for "children devoured by wars, poverty and injustice", regretting that "men eager for power and money consume their loved ones , their brothers ".

Faced with "consumerism", the pontiff invited to "leave the warmth of worldliness" and "find the sense of Christmas", pleading for a charitable Church in the service of the poor.

Russian oligarchs complain that Putin had made her with a trick to be the supporter of the war in Ukraine

 Russian oligarchs complain that Putin had made her with a trick to be the supporter of the war in Ukraine Vladimir Putin is said to have outwitted Russian oligarchs. Russia's attack war against Ukraine is becoming more and more . Perhaps that is why Russian Oligarchen also spends their say, who claim that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has brought them to support his invasion of Ukraine with a trick. Most of the rich Russians are affected by western sanctions . This emerges from a comprehensive research, which was published in the " New York Times " on Saturday.

"It is very inspiring to be here with all these people, we are happy and moved to see the Pope, even if we are outside, and to feel this connection between us," said AFP Victoria Machado, 19, from Mexico with his family.

Like her, some 4,000 people who could not have tickets followed the celebration on giant screens installed outside.

"The pope is a very humble men, I think he is able to bring a message of peace and try to unite peoples and to appease tensions," said Julie, 50, chef business in Nice.

As the 1.3 billion Catholics celebrate the birth of Christ, Polish cardinal Konrad Krajewski went to Ukraine to spend Christmas alongside the populations affected by war.

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Strack-Zimmermann: Chancellery takes over Russian narrative .
debate about armor deliveries Strack-Zimmermann: Chancellery takes over Russian narrative © t-Online in a dispute over fighter tank deliveries to Ukraine accuses Strack-Zimmermann to hesitate. Long -term strategies were missing. In the traffic light coalition, additional weapon deliveries to Ukraine and possible peace negotiations with Russia are still debated.

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