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Ireland: Map. War in Ukraine: Pope's call, Putin charges the West ... The point on the 305th day

internal power struggles and cancer rumors: How powerful is Putin?

 internal power struggles and cancer rumors: How powerful is Putin? © Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images Vladimir Putin finally appeared on public appearances and distorted pain. Vladimir Putin had recently tuned and distorted pain on public appearances. The Russian President Vladimir Putin is counted after the previous course of the Ukraine War . At least this always reports different sources from the area around the Kremlin politician. There have been rumors about the health of the 70-year-old for months.

Le pape François, le 25 décembre au Vatican. © Yara Nardi / Reuters Le Pope Francis, on December 25 at the Vatican.

From the Vatican, the Pope spoke about the war in Ukraine. For his part, Vladimir Putin accused Westerners of wanting to divide Russia. Here is what to remember from the news linked to the war in Ukraine on this Sunday, December 25, 2022.

La situation au 25 décembre. © Information Ouest-France The situation on December 25.

While kyiv celebrated Christmas, Pope Francis called to "silence the arms" in Ukraine and denounced an "insane war" . For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin, accused Westerners of wanting to divide Russia .

Here is what to remember from the news related to the conflict on this Saturday, December 25.

Putin Igel an

 Putin Igel an Putin Igelt an Since Russia misses its war goals, Putin reacts. The PR machine of the Kremlin meanwhile has its own plans. Moscow - The domestic political pressure for Vladimir Putin is increasing. From the devastating losses of the Russian army in the Ukraine conflict, numerous soldier families have so far received no war premiums. In addition, the financing of the war against Ukraine had to be postponed. An example is the infrastructural expansion in several regions.

The West wants to "divide" Russia according to Putin

The West seeks "Divide" Russia in Ukraine, denounced Vladimir Putin, while the Kremlin military offensive in his neighbor who has lasted for more than ten month must allow, according to him, "the union of the Russian people" .

"Everything is based on the policy of our geopolitical opponents, who aim to divide Russia, historic Russia" , denounced Vladimir Putin in an interview with a short extract was broadcast on Russian television.

"Divide to better reign: they have always tried to do it, they try to do it now, but our goal is quite different: to unite the Russian people", castigated.

The Russian president had already on several occasions the military intervention in Ukraine by the need to bring together Ukrainians and Russians, who would only form one and the same people in his eyes.

Putin's biggest problem: "20,000 armed"

 Putin's biggest problem: Putin's biggest problem: "20,000 armed" in the Kremlin are already positioning Putin's possible successors, they are his supposed allies. The president probably only helps a victory in the brutal war with Ukraine. Moscow - Vladimir Putin is considered the master of the intrigue. In his surroundings he always places well -behaved upstarts of the Russian state apparatus. Examples of this are Jewgeni Prigoschin and Ramsan Kadyrov. However, you could now be dangerous Putin.

The Pope calls for "silence the arms"

Pope Francis called to "silence the arms" in Ukraine, plagued by an "insane war" , during his traditional Christmas message at the Vatican in Vatican in Vatican in Vatican in Vatican in Vatican Which he spoke again of the "Third World War" which rages in many countries.

"Let our gaze fill the faces of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who live this Christmas in the dark, in the cold or far from home, because of the destruction caused by 10 months of war", said the pope Argentinian in front of 70,000 faithful massaged on Saint-Pierre square in Rome, some of which waved Ukrainian flags.

kyiv celebrates Christmas

in kyiv, the Ukrainian Orthodox celebrated Christmas, a strong sign of distrust of the Russian religious authorities, which will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in two weeks.

Ukraine, a country whose population is mainly orthodox, is indeed divided between a church dependent on the patriarchy of Moscow - which announced to break its links with Russia in late May due to the Russian offensive - and a church independent of Russian supervision.

According to an Interfax-Ukraine survey carried out in November, 44 % of Ukrainians said they were having the idea of ​​celebrating Christmas on December 25 rather than January 7, the date of the Orthodox Christmas.

The French Minister of the Armed Forces in Ukraine on December 28

The French Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu will go to Ukraine on Wednesday to testify to the continuous support of France.

"He will pay tribute to the Dead in the heroes of the heroes in kyiv and will meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksiy Reznikov" , said the French Ministry of the Armed Forces without further details on the program for security reasons.

This is the first trip of the French minister to Ukraine since the launch of the Russian offensive on February 24, it was also added.

Putin suddenly speaks of the "war" .
Putin suddenly speaks of ending the "war" Russia's President Vladimir Putin speaks of a "war" for the first time in the Ukraine conflict. His spokesman then speaks up. Update from Friday, December 23, 12.30 p.m.: Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov has taken a position on Vladimir Putin's words at a press conference. The fact that the Russian president wants to "end the war" does not mean that Russia is ready for negotiations with Ukraine.

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