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Ireland: Rennes. Five good reasons to go to the "Vive la Magie" festival

The Jews of Ukraine celebrate the "Festival of Lights" in full Black-out

 The Jews of Ukraine celebrate the © AFP F atigated by the war, the Jews of Ukraine gathered on Sunday during prayers and watchmakers To launch Hanuka, the "Festival of Lights", swearing to challenge the blackout caused by the persistent Russian bombings. A kyiv, on the famous independence square, also called Maidan, the faithful have nailed against each other in search of heat near what the authorities say they are the largest Menara (a nine -branch candelabra ) from Hanuka in Europe .

Le magicien Lukas © DR The magician Lukas

The International Festival "Vive la Magie" is back in Rennes, his city, from January 5 to 8, 2023. He celebrates his 15 th edition. Gérard Souchet the director and his "magical company" mark the blow with a brand new show "Scala Magica! ", Which will bring together all the guest artists.

Le magicien Artem. © DR The magician Artem.

The Vive la Magie festival will take place from January 5 to 12, 2023 in Rennes, with workshops and shows for all ages.

1 - For the family spirit

"Long live magic" was born from an accident fifteen years ago, in Rennes. The Souchet family, at the origin of this international meeting, had first created shows to finance a school trip. And then, the meeting grew up, became an international turning in Europe. He found his house in the triangle, where everything is going on, keeps proximity with "small gauges" and preserves his family spirit. Since his beginnings, his faithful companion has François Normag, magician and master of ceremonies.

A couple of police officers found dead in Vienne, the track of a privileged carbon monoxide poisoning

 A couple of police officers found dead in Vienne, the track of a privileged carbon monoxide poisoning © Adobe Stock The two peace agents were found dead by a neighbor on Sunday, December 18. Two cohabitation police officers were found dead in a house in the town of Pindray (Vienne) Sunday, December 18. According to information reported by France Bleu , it is a neighbor worried not to hear from the couple who discovered the two lifeless officials in their home. The latter were on vacation in this second home residence in the village of less than 300 inhabitants.

Les magiciens Anca et Lucca © Dr Magicians Anca and Lucca

2- for the discovery of multiple arts

Magic remains an unknown art. "We do not necessarily retain the names of the artists who are all known in their game, whether they are magicians, mentalists, illusionists or hypnotists", explains Gérard Souchet, artistic director. This is the festival that is the headliner, the artists, whether it be the German manipulator Nikolai STRIEBEL or the Belgian illusionist Laurent Piron, serve the artistic point.

3- For the 15th anniversary

is the great novelty of the 15th century "Vive la Magie": only one show bringing together no less than thirteen artists. A show called "Scala Magica! "" It is finished drawing the curtain at the end of each performance ", blows François Normag, the master of ceremonies. An "Total" show where the Russian manipulator Artem Shchukin will rub shoulders with Austrian mentalists Anca & Luca, where the Spanish illusionist Mag Edgar will find himself on stage just like the German magician Lukas. The organizers underline the presence "Exceptional" of Australian Raymond Crowe. "It's been a long time since we wanted to invite this artist overflowing with originality and fantasy" , is satisfied with Gérard Souchet.

Ille-et-Vilaine: A second store of stoves and fireplaces takes fire in twenty-four hours

 Ille-et-Vilaine: A second store of stoves and fireplaces takes fire in twenty-four hours the 700 m² of commercial area of ​​the Pieles et Cie brand were ravaged by the flames at La Mézière © C. Allain /20 minutes The firefighters of Ille-et-Vilaine intervened on December 1, 2022 for a fire in Rennes. The fire had taken in an apartment (illustration). Fire - The 700 m² of trade area of ​​the Pieles et Cie brand were ravaged by the flames at La Mézière the tile.

4 - For Women Magicians

among the artists to discover during the show "Scala Magica", many women: "Basically, magic has long been despised. Few women were able to be recognized. It was important to highlight these extraordinary women. let us quote the German illusionists Jaana Felicitas and Alana. In addition, in order to mark the desire for parity on the festival, the organizers pay tribute through the photographic exhibition "Portraits of Women Magicians", photos taken mainly by Rennais Franck Boisselier. To discover in the hall of the triangle.

5- For children's shows and workshops

It is also a desire to "live the magic": to offer shows and workshops for the youngest. Thus, 3-6 year olds will be able to discover "the magic confectionery" and "La Maison de Mamie Yvette" (January 7 and 8, between 15 and 20 €). The 7-10 year olds will be able to participate in a magic workshop with artist Strobineler, "an excellent pedagogue to discover the art of illusion". These workshops limited to 15 children are gathered on the days of January 7 and 8 (€ 30).

from January 5 to 8, 2023, "Long live the magic", in the triangle, boulevard de Yugoslavia. To take advantage of "Scala Magica": Thursday and Friday at 8 pm; Saturday at 4 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.; Sunday at 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Prices: from 25 to 59 €. Reservations on 06 22 73 72 12. Net:

Miss France 2023: Shock and unexpected announcement: "I give up my title ... For personal reasons" .
© Capture of screen TF1 Miss France 2023: Shock and unexpected ad: "I give up my title ... For reasons Personal " on December 17, the 93rd Miss France election ceremony took place. An event broadcast on TF1 live from M.A.CH 36 from Châteauroux. If Indira Ampiot had the chance to succeed Diane Leyre by winning the famous title, Coraline Lerasle, Miss Center-Val de Loire 2022, made the decision to make her scarf. It was on her Instagram account that the young woman announced the terrible news.

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