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US News: Lyon: Does the town hall really impose vegetarian meals on children?

Montpellier falls again OL / Ligue 1 (J25)

 Montpellier falls again OL / Ligue 1 (J25) This Saturday, Montpellier offered OL for the second time in two games this season (1-2, 25th day of Ligue 1). A stop for the Gones. © Supplied by Football 365 goal from Elye Wahi (MHSC) If it needed a pet peeve, Lyon has indeed found its own. Only beaten three times this season in Ligue 1. This Saturday,. Almost five months to the day after falling at La Mosson (2-1), Lyon did not do better at home at Groupama Stadium.

From Monday, the EELV Lyon town hall will serve a “unique meatless” menu in its schools to meet the health protocol. What the opposition strongly denounced, seeing it as a "tour de force" to "impose an ideology"

La décision d'imposer dès lundi des menus uniques sans viandes dans les écoles de Lyon a vivement fait réagir l'opposition. (illustration © Sispeo / Sipa The decision to impose unique menus without meat in schools in Lyon from Monday prompted a strong reaction the opposition. (illustration POLEMIQUE - From Monday, the EELV town hall of Lyon will serve a "unique meatless" menu in its schools to meet the health protocol. This was strongly denounced by the opposition seeing it as a "tour de force" to "impose an ideology"

A simple email, addressed to the elected officials of the district, set fire to the powders. On February 15, the Assistant to Education of the city of Lyon announced to them the establishment single meal "without meat", in schools from next Monday, February 22. A decision taken to meet the new health protocol imposed by the government. And this until the Easter holidays. This announcement was made. sufficient to trigger a salvo of reactions and a cascade of indignation in the ranks of the opposition.

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The elected representatives of the right and the center immediately denounced a "tour de force" of the municipality "to impose its ideology" on the children . And were indignant at not having been consulted, as do parents of students.

"Imposing their ideology on children"

"By advancing in a hidden way behind technical criteria of meal preparation and fluidity of service, Grégory Doucet [the EELV mayor of Lyon] and Stéphanie Léger [his education assistant ] impose their ideology above all on Lyon children, gets carried away Etienne Blanc (LR), ex-candidate for municipal elections. This way of making a choice, without any alternative, is truly inadmissible. »

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backing for VW in «Dieselgate» dispute

 backing for VW in «Dieselgate» dispute Volkswagen receives important support in the explosive US legal dispute over possible further high «Dieselgate» fines. © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa / Archive Volkswagen are threatened with further sensitive sanctions in the USA due to previous emissions manipulation.

"In reality, Grégory Doucet's team seized the health protocol as an opportunity to accelerate what they had planned in their campaign ”, accuses in turn Béatrice de Montille, municipal councilor of the 3rd arrondissement. The Greens planned, in fact, to offer a vegetarian meal of your choice every day of the week from 2022.

The town hall, contacted by 20 Minutes, however firmly denied these accusations, recalling that the menus served from Monday "will not be vegetarians ”since they consist of“ fish and eggs ”. “The new health protocol imposes a distance of two meters in school catering against one meter previously. We are now forced to accommodate fewer students at the same time. So to speed up the service and get everyone registered to eat during the lunch break, we chose a single menu, "she explains.

A concept already applied when Gérard Collomb was in charge of the town hall

According to the municipality, meals without meat are "those which suit the greatest number of children". "If we take into account intolerances, allergies, children who do not eat pork, meatless menus are the least restrictive. They also prevent the massive use of picnics, "she adds, surprised at such a controversy.

5G in Paris: town hall-operators agreement for a deployment "in the coming weeks"

 5G in Paris: town hall-operators agreement for a deployment © STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS Cell phone network relay antennas in Vertou, near Nantes, on February 12, 2021 (Illustration). The mayor of Paris and the telecom operators announced on Friday that they had reached an agreement on the deployment of 5G "in the coming weeks", while the French capital still does not benefit from the latest generation mobile network, just like several other large French cities.

Because the choice of a single meal without meat is nothing new. Neither an ideology of the new municipality, we are assured. The concept had already been applied during the first confinement for the children of caregivers who ate in the canteens of the city. But also between May and July 2020. And the town hall was then headed by Gérard Collomb .

"At the time, this did not pose a problem for anyone," the town hall said. And this is by no means a final decision since as soon as we can, as soon as the sanitary situation allows, we will reintroduce the meat menus. »End of the controversy?

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