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US News: Frédéric François in mourning: The singer immersed in a huge sorrow after the death of a "member" of his family

Death of Prince Philip: "The Queen has the support of the whole country" in London

 Death of Prince Philip: © provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien The United Kingdom is in mourning . Prince Philip has turned out this Friday. Pandemic obliges, the government has asked the public not to gather in front of Buckingham Palace to make a final tribute to the Queen's husband who died at the age of 99. There are many British to share the sentence of Elizabeth II. "I'm sorry and sad! He contributed a lot to the nation, sighs Allan, a retiree who cleans his gleam car.

The singer is berucked by the death of a "family member".

Frédéric François en deuil : Le chanteur plongé dans un immense chagrin après la mort d'un © Abaca Frédéric François in mourning: The singer immersed in a huge sorrow after the death of a "member" of his family

the morale is not best for Frédéric François. The singer was struck by the death of a loved one. He announced this sad news on social networks. On his facebook account, he shared a few words through which we feel the exact emotion of the interpreter of my heart tells you I love you .

"Friends, I would like to share with you a news that touches me deeply" , started the 70 year old artist. "Indeed my friend Salvatore Pace has passed away. I do not speak here of a big star, but of an adorable man who was my friend. We came from the same place (ie Lercara Friddi in Sicily, NDLR), and he was the group's conductor of which I was part of. Salvatore was the bassist ... He accompanied me for years ... His brother Pino was the soloist of the group and C 'Is he who played on all my first records, among whom I have never loved as I love you or let me live my life. With his disappearance is more than a friend who leaves. It's a Member of my family. Fredo "," he wrote.

Deaths of COVID: Richard Ferrand not favorable to a national tribute "at this stage"

 Deaths of COVID: Richard Ferrand not favorable to a national tribute The President of the National Assembly was not favorable "at this stage" at a national tribute to the deaths of COVID-19. © Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes France has passed Monday the bar of the 99,000 deaths of COVID-19, since the beginning of the epidemic a little over a year ago. The question of a national tribute to the victims of the coronavirus is under consideration and divides.

In this difficult ordeal the composer can count on his loved ones but also his community who misses him enormously.

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a complicated period ...

after 50 years Career, the artist lived a very complicated year 2020. In France Sunday, he rushed on one of the things that touches him most in this period shocked by the health crisis: his audience. "We postponed all our tour dates from next spring, and my Olympia to October 30, 2021" , "he explained. "I try to be active on social networks, my new clip is online. I want to keep the link with my audience. The scene is sorely lacking. I suffer, but I do not show it. The curtain fell . I languished that he gets up again. We live every day without end ".

Especially since his daughter Gloria, who celebrated his 50th anniversary on February 13 was touched pretty seriously by COVID-19. It would have been admitted to the hospital in intensive care.

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Sarah Halimi case. François Molins: "Justice does not issue any license to kill! ».
© AFP / Pool / Ludovic Marin François Molins, here in November 2019, warns against the temptation to" legislate in the emergency and under the emotion ". The magistrate François Molins returned to the emotion aroused by the decision to declare irresponsible the murderer of Sarah Halimi. The Attorney General near the Court of Cassation considers that this decision does not mean that justice is "lax".

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