US News: Keller: DFB sports court judgment still in May

DFB President Keller apologizes for verbal derailment

 DFB President Keller apologizes for verbal derailment The DFB writes again negative headlines. On Monday, President Fritz Keller apologized for a verbal derailment over Vice President Rainer Koch. © Picture Alliance DFB President Fritz Keller (Re.) And Vice President Rainer Koch. "sometimes fall into controversial words that should not fall and can not fall. For this I apologized in person in person as well as in writing at Rainer Chef," Keller was quoted. "He has the size to accept the apology, for which I am grateful for him.

The sports court of the German Football Chamber wants to decide in May, as it continues with DFB President Fritz Keller after his Nazi comparison. The country and regional associations had withdrawn the confidence.

Wie lange kann sich DFB-Präsident Fritz Keller noch im Amt halten? © Arne Dedert / DPA / Picture Alliance How long can DFB President Fritz Keller still stay in office?

A judgment of the DFB sports court in the delicate case around the Nazi comparison of Fritz Keller should fall until the end of May, but as long as the proposed president of the German Football Chamber is publicly silent. The 64-year-old is even more under pressure and must fear sanctions after the ethics commission has referred its results to the three-headed body under the chairmanship of Hans E. Lorenz. "With a decision is still to be expected in May, but not in this and not in the next week," Lorenz said on Tuesday of the German Press Agency.

to Nazi-Eklat: Peace Summit Between Keller and Koch

 to Nazi-Eklat: Peace Summit Between Keller and Koch The Nazi comparison of Fritz Keller does not allow the DFB to rest. On Friday, there should now be a Peace Summit. © Provided by to Nazi-Sklat: Peace Summit Between Keller and Koch DFB President Fritz Keller and his deputy Rainer Koch want to meet after the past Nazi Eklat on Friday evening to a "Peace Summit". According to SID information, the conversation in Potsdam is to take place in the run-up to the meeting of the 21 Landesverband's tips.

According to ZDF information, Keller, who had withdrawn the chiefs of the state and regional associations last Sunday as well as Secretary-General Friedrich Curtius, to express the confidence in the coming days to his future. Despite its violently criticized verbal derailment to Vice President Rainer Koch, he had compared to the DFB Presidium Session on April 23 with the former Nazi judge Roland Freisler , DFB-Boss Keller so far asked himself about a possible withdrawal.

Werden keine Freunde mehr: DFB-Vizepräsident Rainer Koch (l.) und Fritz Keller (r.) © Laci Perenyi / Picture Alliance will not be friends: DFB vice president Rainer Koch (l.) And Fritz Keller (r.) Treasurer Osnaberges listens to before the farewell is Treasurer Stephan Osnabrugge, who in the leadership of the Curtius camp can be assigned. The functionary will no longer compete at the next DFB Bundestag 2022, the ZDF tweeted on Tuesday. According to DPA information Osnaberges had announced this at the conference of the state and regional associations on the weekend in Potsdam. The DFB was not to be achieved for an opinion.

DFB-Level: Landeschefs demand cellar resignation

 DFB-Level: Landeschefs demand cellar resignation shortly after Fritz Keller had left the DFB crisis summit by the outset, the Landeschefs announced their desiring judgment in scandal about the Nazi comparison of the President. Cellar, who first was silent, should resign! © Uli Deck / dpa The amateur representatives in the association have withdrawn the trust of DFB President Fritz Keller.

The bosses of the state and regional associations had developed the trust of Osnaberges and Koch at the crisis session, but the vote was by no means unanimous. The treasurer who has been the Office since 15 April 2016 and confirmed at the Bundestag in September 2019 for another three years received 13 no votes. In the case of cooking, the chef, which in the event of a resignation of basement would lead the association together with Peter Peters to the next choice.

also Curtius before the

cellar opponent Curtius, with which the president has been issuing a public feud for months, had already signaled his willingness to retreat from the office on Monday. He is available for conversations "to constructive solutions for the DFB at any time," said the Secretary-General. "Of course, this also includes my function."

The DFB ethics commission had also advised two applications against Curtius. These are the circumstances in connection with the termination without notice of Kellers Bürochef and on the other to the transfer of a letter from Keller to the Media Consultant Kurt Derkmann. These results were also presented to the Sports Court, from one attitude was not the talk here.

"Conspiracy theories" - Seiffert's letter to DFB-Vice Koch

 DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert has on Tuesday the professional clubs about a letter to DFB Vice President Dr. Rainer Koch informed. It shows himself irritated by brisant circulating rumors. © Getty Images Christian Seifert occurs in a letter to Dr. Rainer Koch circulating rumors vehemently countered. concretely clearly sets it in writing that there were no plans in the DFL to build the DFB structurally.

For the evaluation of the cellar crat, the sports court took his work under the direction of Lorenz on Tuesday. The procedure including a possible hearing on possible sanctions is "not public," said the 71-year-old.

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SCHENK stands ready

Korruptions-Bekämpferin Schenk © Picture-Alliance / DPA / A. Dedert Corruption Screwer Schenk in your opinion of Schmores the association for years "in our own juice". The functionary therefore requires a reorganization in the management level. "They need fresh blood, they need few more women who need people from the outside, otherwise this does not work," Great made Schenk. The statutes give opportunities for change but not "unfortunately". -2Da is so decidedly determined as those of which berband becomes which vice president will hardly do something at the moment, that's the problem, "criticized gifts.

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calmund: Rummenigge as DFB president would be six in the Lotto .
Reiner Calmund wishes Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as a new strong man at the top of the German Football Corporation. © Arne Dedert / DPA has a clear desired candidate for the presidential office at the DFB: Reiner Calmund. "He stands for competence, experience, sovereignty and has the right recognition throughout Europe. There is no personality in Germany that could better represent the youth, amateur and professional sector than he.

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