US News: DFB control procedure against Rauball set

DFB President Keller apologizes for verbal derailment

 DFB President Keller apologizes for verbal derailment The DFB writes again negative headlines. On Monday, President Fritz Keller apologized for a verbal derailment over Vice President Rainer Koch. © Picture Alliance DFB President Fritz Keller (Re.) And Vice President Rainer Koch. "sometimes fall into controversial words that should not fall and can not fall. For this I apologized in person in person as well as in writing at Rainer Chef," Keller was quoted. "He has the size to accept the apology, for which I am grateful for him.

The public prosecutor's office Frankfurt / Main has set the tax procedure against the former DFB peak functional Reinhard Rauball and Helmut Sandrock. This was confirmed at Nadja Niesen on Wednesday of the German Press Agency. First, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" had reported about it. However, the investigations against Reinhard Grindel, the former president of the German Football Federation, and against the DFB vice-president Rainer Koch, Treasurer Stephan Osnabergge and Secretary-General Friedrich Curtius continue.

Präsident Reinhard Rauball geht am Vereinslogo vorbei. © Bernd Thissen / dpa / archive image President Reinhard Rauball passes the club logo.

Through further involvement in tax evasion in particularly serious cases are accused. Rauball was under suspicion in his former function as DFB vice president. In the long-term league president and current boss of Borussia Dortmund, there had been a house search in October last year. This happened in the context of raids in private homes of the six DFB officials and in the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt, where around 200 civil servants were involved.

to Nazi-Eklat: Peace Summit Between Keller and Koch

 to Nazi-Eklat: Peace Summit Between Keller and Koch The Nazi comparison of Fritz Keller does not allow the DFB to rest. On Friday, there should now be a Peace Summit. © Provided by to Nazi-Sklat: Peace Summit Between Keller and Koch DFB President Fritz Keller and his deputy Rainer Koch want to meet after the past Nazi Eklat on Friday evening to a "Peace Summit". According to SID information, the conversation in Potsdam is to take place in the run-up to the meeting of the 21 Landesverband's tips.

The procedure is about revenue from band advertising for playing the national team, which should not have been properly declared and taxed in the years 2014 and 2015. In the past, DFB indicated that there were different legal scaffoldings on tax liability for revenue. In addition, at the time of the raids the million amount due to the tax office should have been paid.

In addition to Rauball, the former DFB Secretary-General Sandrock was now acquitted of suspicion. Rauball's lawyer Klaus Bernsmann described the DPA the reaction of his client: "He has a trauma, so he is so scary. He gefieved very much that it is set, even if it was clear from the outset. » His client was very scared, "because armed people arose in his garden because of a tax thing he had nothing to do with.

Verdict Advanced - What basement at the trial "enjoyed" .
The DFB ethics chamber has postponed the decision in the proceedings against President Fritz Keller. Its lawyer praised the atmosphere afterwards. © Picture Alliance Long hearing: Fritz Keller on Friday in Frankfurt. After his well-last appearance as DFB President Fritz Keller left the Association Center in Frankfurt without judgment on his Nazi comparison. The Ethics Chamber of the DFB Sport Court, chaired by Hans E. Lorenz, posted the decision in the process against cellar on Friday.

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