US News: London company offers Minis from 1993 now electrically to

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The company builds the classic on electric drive and breathes him a new life. However, the reconstruction is not cheap.

Dieser auf Elektroantrieb umgebaute Mini stammt aus Japan, weitere sollen folgen. © Lec This mini-converted mini comes from Japan, more should follow.

London Electric Cars (LEC) is called the enterprise that vintage cars missed a new existence as a full streamer. Currently, the screwdrivers focus on the classic Mini built between 1963 and 2000. For your prototype you chose the 1993 model with the marking MK VI. They imported the car from Japan. The order for the electrification came from the University of Birmingham, reports Autocar .

The classic mini (left) is no longer built since 2000. BMW retained the brand for the sale of Rover and has been building its own model under the same name since 2001. (Photo: LEC)

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 Hummels, Lahm, New & Co.: These startups benefit from the investment of famous footballer Video: Hummels again in training (sports1) Not only former, but also active footballers show increasingly investment on startups. As a professional football career is not known to last down to the old age, many want to secure their future. But not always succeeds. Here are some of the well-known footballers and their investments presented. More and more footballers invest in startups.

Small Battery from British Production

For the conversion, the team used the engine and powertrain of the Nissan Leaf. It has been selected according to "extensive analysis". The background: The use of the components built in British Sunderland is more sustainable than the degradation and production of materials for its own solution. By default, LEC uses a 20 kilowatt battery and requires 25,000 pounds (29,000 euros) per conversion - exclusive basic vehicle. If you do not have a mini, you can also get a complete vehicle from LEC for a surcharge. In addition, interested parties may add a more powerful engine and an improved battery. That too costs extra. Six months the surrounding needs to complete the car.

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Bavaria's Amusement Parks Open again

 Bavaria's Amusement Parks Open again throughout Bavaria opening the amusement parks again these days. Last Friday, the state government announced that fun on Ferris wheel and whitewater railways is now possible again - albeit with restrictions. © Nicolas Armer / dpa / archive image The roller coaster «Boomerang» in the leisure park Geiselwind. in places with an incidence between 50 and 100 must show a negative rapid test from six years prior to entry in amusement parks - unless they are completely vaccinated or recovered.

Mini, Land Rover, Morris, Volvo: Electric Oldtimer by London Electric Cars

The company writes: "With this EV conversion we wanted the classic Mini to become an affordable and yet useful option for Making city dwellers, not only in our hometown of London, but everywhere in the world to combat the traffic and to stop environmental pollution. "Lec builds in addition to the MINI also classic landrovers. In addition, one has dared to the 40s-year-old Timer Morris Minor and Morris Traveler. On the example photos you will also find a Volvo 145. Electric cars are freed from the tax in the UK and can park for free in London. Most recently, one read more and again that manufacturers "retreat" their young and vintage cars themselves as electric car. Recent examples are the cabin roller of Messerschmidt or the Manta of Opel .

cartel office drives company register ahead .
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