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US News: French submarines: Emmanuel Macron assures Scott Morrison of his "full and whole" commitment

man grabs France's president Macron to

 man grabs France's president Macron to Video: Last German-French Council of Ministers with Merkel and Macron (AFP) Tain-l'Hermitage. France's president has been attacked by a man on a journey to southern France, who hit him with his hand. A video therefrom spreads on the net. The perpetrator and another involved were arrested. © Philippe Desmazes of the French President Emmanuel Macron (M.) during his visit to Southeast France. Emmanuel Macron feels in his element.

Le président français Emmanuel Macron accueille le Premier ministre australien Scott Morrison au palais de l’Élysée à Paris le 15 juin 2021. Thomas SAMSON / AFP © Thomas Samson / AFP The French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Palace of the Elysee in Paris on June 15th 2021. Thomas Samson / AFP

Emmanuel Macron assures the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison "The full and entire commitment" of France to go to the end of the French submarine supply contract, which is experiencing delays, and even " Go further and faster ".

The French President Emmanuel Macron assured Tuesday, June 15th Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison of "The full and entire commitment" of the France to go to the end of the Supply Contract of sub- French marine who is experiencing delays, and even "go further and faster".

France: Face for Macron

 France: Face for Macron A man is said to hit the president and called a royalist slogan. © Picture Alliance / Associated Press | Philippe Desmazes Face for Macron France's President Emmanuel Macron has been hit on Tuesday afternoon on a trip to the southern France of a man in the face. Macron was driven to the Département Drôme for a day to talk to innkeepers, among other things, before the gastronomy can resume operations in indoor spaces on June 9th.

12 submarines

"I want to tell you our full and whole commitment, that of the industrialists [...] that of the whole French government, to be at the rendezvous of common ambitions and if possible go further and faster because I Know that you are there, " declared Emmanuel Macron alongside Scott Morrison in the yard of the Elysee.

This important contract for the construction of 12 conventional propulsion submarines for the huge continent's navy, of $ 68 billion (€ 56 billion), with the French Naval group. Group (ex-DCNS), is accused in Australia of budget and delays, which is defended by the industrialist.

The question of the continuation of this project is a sensitive subject in the Australian domestic policy, to which the thorny are added issue of technology transfers in this type of contract and the geopolitical context of the Indo-Pacific zone where Australia faces China's growing maritime and military pressure.

Between Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden, a first head-to-face on a cordial understanding

 Between Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden, a first head-to-face on a cordial understanding © Ludovic Marine "It's great to have a very eager US president to cooperate," said Emmanuel Macron who Maintained Saturday with his American counterpart Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay in the United Kingdom. AFP / Ludovic Marin For this first meeting between leaders who had not, until then, spoke only by interposed screens, the entourages of Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron had treated the staging.

increasing tensions between China and Australia

"I know how much you are at the forefront of tensions that can exist in the region» , said Emmanuel Macron, while France is an actor of the Indo-Pacific zone because of its broad maritime areas and overseas territories.

The Indo-Pacific Zone and the Vellery of Chinese Hegemony have become one of the priority strategic axes of France under the chairmanship of Emmanuel Macron who rejected

"firmly all coercive measures of an economic nature taken against Australia in flagrant violation International law ", with reference to the recent episodes of increasing tensions between the two countries.

Scott Morrison thanked the President Macron of French support in these

"difficult times in the Indo-Pacific" , while renting the "Leadership" of French on climate issues in particular.

Scott Morrison was in Europe especially to participate in the recent G7 summit in England. The two men shared a working dinner after these statements.

Music Festival: Macron Decores Jarre and Cerrone Before Concert at the Elysée .
© Ian Langson The French Artist of Electronic Music Jean-Michel Jarre (Left), near President Emmanuel Macron (Center) and his wife Brigitte Macron at the beginning of the music festival, at the Elysée in Paris, June 21, 2021. Emmanuel Macron has decorated Monday two big names of electro music, Jean-Michel Jarre and Marc Cerrone, before they do not participate in the concert in the Elysée Court for the 40th Festival of Music.

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