US News: Belgium: the Government condemned for its climate policy considered negligent

EU and USA are considering increased climate collaboration

 EU and USA are considering increased climate collaboration EU-USA-Summit-Climate: EU and USA are considering increased climate collaboration © Reuters / Paul Childs EU and USA are considering increased collaboration on Climate by Kate Abnett and Robin Emmott Brussels (Reuters) - The European Union and the United States should agree at their top Tuesday next Tuesday in Brussels on the principle of strengthening their cooperation in the fight against climate change , according to a draft joint declaration consulted by Reuters.

Serge de Gheldere, à l'origine de l'action menée par © James Arthur Gekiere, Belga, AFP Serge de Gheldere, at the origin of the action carried out by "Klimaatzaak", David Van Reybrouck and Francesca Vanthielen arrive at the Tribunal March 16, 2021, in Brussels.

The Belgian state was found guilty Thursday of "fault", the Brussels court believes that it did not behave with sufficient caution in its climate policy.

A Belgian court found Thursday 17 June that the authorities had been guilty of "fault" by conducting a negligent climate policy, an unprecedented decision in the country, qualified "historical" by the association. Origin of the trial.

The Belgian Federal State and the three regions of the country (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels) also targeted in the complaint are convicted.

Without Nethanjahu: Short majority in parliament for Israel's new government

 Without Nethanjahu: Short majority in parliament for Israel's new government A wafer-thin majority of deputies in the Israeli parliament voted on Sunday for the new government. 60 of 120 Knesset members voted after stormy debates for the eight-party alliance under the guidance of Naftali Bennett from the ultra-right Jamina and Jair Lapid from the Future Party. 59 voted against it, there was a abstention. This means the preliminary end of the era of the Legal Conservative Long-term Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. © AFP Naftali Bennet Before the Knesset in Jerusalem.

"In the pursuit of their climate policy", the four entities "do not behave as normally prudent and diligent authorities, which constitutes a fault" under the Belgian Civil Code, stresses the judgment, a copy of which has been communicated to the press.

In addition, "by refraining from taking all necessary measures to prevent the effects of climate change at the life of the" complainants, they undermine the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), does it continue .

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The Court of First Instance of Brussels, however, did not follow the complainants' request - the Klimaatzaak Association (Climate case in Dutch) - to impose concrete goals of reduction of greenhouse gases, such as at recent trials in the Netherlands and Germany.

Government misses Electro-Quote: Klöckner drives climate-damaging company car

 Government misses Electro-Quote: Klöckner drives climate-damaging company car Among all members of the Federal Government, Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) can run around in the climate-damaging company car. This reports the "daily mirror", citing a response from the Federal Environment Ministry to a small request of the FDP. © DPA Julia Klöckner (CDU), Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture Accordingly, the extended Audi A8 held diesel in which her driver is mainly chauffeur, 191 grams of CO₂ per kilometer.

video: climate trial in the Netherlands: the shell group sentenced to reduce its CO2 emissions (France 24)

The procedure, launched in 2015 by Klimaatzaak, wanted a Belgian replica of that having Responded to the Netherlands to the Condemnation of the Dutch Government for non-compliance with the targets for reducing emissions set by the Paris Agreement. In The Hague, this judgment has become final in December 2019.

Some 58,000 Belgian citizens were associated with the action brought by Klimaatzaak, and "all have been considered admissible" (legitimate to act, NDLR), which is "unique ", AFP Serge of Gheldere said, President of the Association.

A condemnation "Without financial or legal"

for him, this judgment is "a clear signal" that political decisions "must be taken immediately to ensure effective decarbonization of our economy".

The Minister of Agriculture has the climate-damaging company car

 The Minister of Agriculture has the climate-damaging company car Berlin. The Federal Government wants to ensure that Germany becomes climate neutral until 2045. With the CO2 emission of the Minister company cars, there is still clearly air upwards overlooking this goal. Especially at the Minister of Agriculture. © Johanna Geron Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture (Archive Image). Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) has the climate-damaging company car on Federal Minister of Ministers.

The Minister of Climate and Environment Zakia Khattabi said "take note" of the judgment rendered in Brussels, belonging to "a law conviction, without financial or legal".

"We supported the enhancement of the European target of our emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050 and we will activate all the federal levers to achieve these objectives," assured This ecologist minister of the Government of Croo, a coalition associating green, socialists and liberals.

By not imposing objectives, the court refused "the outbidding of the percentages", "it is a fair decision, not a 'diktat' as in the Netherlands," said the Minister of the Flemish region Zuhal Demir.

The trial was held in March. No indication was given Thursday on a possible appeal of the judgment.

Klimaatzaak described the decision of "historic", welcoming that the court pointing the infringement of the articles of the ECHR for the "right to life". The judge recognizes that "it is a human right to be protected against dangerous global warming" and that "States have the obligation to protect this fundamental right that is the right to life", S ' is congratulated the association.

In 2019, Belgium had been one of the most advanced European countries in the mobilization of young climate warming, every Friday, in the wake of the movement launched by the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

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