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Poland: All-clear for defensive chief Bednarek

 Poland: All-clear for defensive chief Bednarek Defense Chief Jan Bednarek is available to Poland's football national team in the EM starting game on Monday in St. Petersburg against Slovakia. © Provided by Poland: All-clear for Defense Chief Bednarek World Footballer Robert Lewandowski and Co. Can Impire: Defense Chief Jan Bednarek is located in Poland Football National Team in the European Championship game on Monday (18.00 clock) in St. Petersburg against Slovakia Disposable. "All are fit.

Even after the 1: 1 against Poland, the storm discussions in Spain should not be smaller. Because while Morata scored a goal this time, Gerard became a pitch bird. Also because of his miscalculation it remains in group E tight.

Kopfball zum Ausgleich: Robert Lewandowski erzielt das 1:1 für Polen gegen Spanien und erhält die Achtelfinalchancen seines Teams am Leben. © Getty Images Header for compensation: Robert Lewandowski achieves the 1: 1 for Poland against Spain and receives the eighth final chances of his team alive.

striker duel in Seville - Gerard sets penalty at the post

Groß was the criticism after the starting game in Spain. Because the Iberer had not been over a 0-0 against Sweden despite great overweight and record ball possessions, the striker discussion was released in the country of Furia Roja. In their center: striker Morata, who had a great chance to stand against the Scandinavians and replacement man Gerard, who would not only want the "Marca" in the starting elf.

«The best leader»: Paul with the Suns a title candidate

 «The best leader»: Paul with the Suns a title candidate Sometimes Chris Paul reminds Philipp Lahm in his best years. The NBA professional from the Phoenix Suns does not belong to the cool guys of his team. © David Zalubowski / AP / DPA has played with the Phoenix Suns to the NBA title candidate: Chris Paul (L). Like the honorary players of the German football national team, he has larger and athletic fellow players around them.

Trust in Morata pays out from

coach Luis Enrique, however, did not move from Morata and spoke to him against Poland's confidence. In addition, he brought Gerard instead of Ferran Torres. A chess train that should pay out: in the 25th minute, Gerard moved from right into the middle and tried it with links. Because he did not take the ball optimally, the attempt became the perfect template for Morata, who dusted from short distance and scored the first tournamentator of the Spaniards.

Until that time, his team had again more from the game, but did not have a good chance. At least, on the part of the Poles, there had been approximated with a spacer shot (6.). Apart from that, the outsiders had made themselves comfortable in their own half and acted waiting.

Sweden is a short head against Slovakia / Euro (chicken phase)

 Sweden is a short head against Slovakia / Euro (chicken phase) without brio, Sweden has come to the end of Slovakia to harvest its first success in this euro (1-0). © Provided by Football 365 Sweden Slovaky deprived of his iconic Showman Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden plays small arm. But that did not stop him from placing himself in an ideal posture for the qualification, with a first important victory, a few days after his draw and virgin against Spain for his entry into the competition.

This was at the latest after the 0: 1 conclusion. Poland, compared to the 1: 2 against Slovakia on three positions (Moder, Puchacz and Swiderski for the locked crychowiak, Rybus and Linetty), was now under Voltwang. And the outsider came - after a free-kick chance for Gerard (34.) - before the break to good opportunities: first switched Swiderski from a short distance (35.), then failed from 20 meters on the post. Lewandowski came to marginal, but with his Volley, but only the correct Unai Simon (43.).

Lewandowski meets irresistible

Poland also recorded the first opportunity even after the break - and this time Lewandowski met the black. The Goal Scorer of the Bundesliga headed a Jozwieak flank to the left corner for compensation (54.). But only five minutes later Spain offered the chance of rebuilding. Merard had risen on the foot, the fouled one stepped on to the penalty - and put the ball on the left post. Morata came to a margin, but did not bring this goal (59.).

Tops / Flops Spain-Poland: Lewandowski Maintains Hope, Submerged Laporte

 Tops / Flops Spain-Poland: Lewandowski Maintains Hope, Submerged Laporte © AI / Reuters / Panoramic / David Ramos / Pool Via Reuters / David Ramos Robert Lewandowski in full light, not Aymeric Laporte Tops Robert Lewandowski Savior a little shemale, he managed to conduct several Polish attacks, sometimes muling in the shelf or even centers to offer solutions. He will finally come to put on the costume he prefers: that of fox of the surfaces.

Two drawers from the two first games - Spain did not want to be satisfied with that. The home team closed a tooth and played on the winner, without being playfully convincing completely. Chances yet jumped out: Morata failed from a pointed angle to Szczesny (65th), then a misunderstanding made between the final man and Bereszynski for chaos, which did not lead to the goal (79.). The thickest chance, however, again had Morata in the 84th minute, but Szczesny threw himself to the attacker and defeated the shot with his head.

Spain remains victorious - Poland hopes

It should be the last chance of the game, referee Daniele Orsato finished the game shortly thereafter. While Poland was pleased to enjoy a point against the favorite, the Spaniards honored again with their opportunity. In the last group match against Slovakia (Wednesday, 6 pm), the Furia Roja hopes for the redeeming victory and the ticket for the secondary finale. At the same time, Poland fights against Sweden around the entry into the K. O. Round, which would be perfect with a victory.

3: 1, 3: 3, 5: 3 - Spain After extension in the EM quarter-final .
Spain is after a 5: 3 after extension against Croatia in the quarterfinals of the EM. A late neck stroke put the Iberer away and finally put it again. © Getty Images The quarterfinal calls: The Spaniards cheered about a victory against Croatia. Big Battle of Croats is not rewarded Croatia's national coach Zlatko Dalic had to trade twice after 3: 1 against Scotland: Caleta-Car represented the locked loven, and Rebic began for Perisic (Covid-19).

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