US News: More than 10,000 signatures for the petition in support of the Nantais

The United States exceeds the 600,000 deaths of COVID-19

 The United States exceeds the 600,000 deaths of COVID-19 © Andrew Caballero-Reynolds The coffin of a death veteran of COVID-19, in a martyland crematorium in the United States on May 1,2020 more than 600,000. People died of COVID-19 in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the figures Tuesday of Johns Hopkins University, a dark CAP coming to remember that hundreds of Americans still die every day of the coronavirus, despite the campaign vaccination.

  Plus de 10 000 signatures pour la pétition en soutien au Collectif nantais Collective © supplied by Sofoot

after Bordeaux , we file in Nantes!

On Tuesday, the petition in support of the "collective Nantes" - which tries to set up a FC Nantes recovery project with Mickaël Landreau on first line - reached 10,000 signatures online. The objective, to federate local actors, as well as an important external investor to regain your hand on the club and succeed Waldemar Kita, seems to be achievable for the supporters of the Canaries, who massively support the collective Nantais.

? 10,000 !!! ? 10,000 people who want a better future for the FCN and who want to find the values ​​in the service of the collective "we will only come out by the game" like Raynald Denouix, join the movement #onestnants ⏩ sign here:

Nantes supporters launch a new call to mobilization

 Nantes supporters launch a new call to mobilization © provided by Sofoot No vacation for FC Nantes supporters. Video: New party at the invalids, the police intervenes (dailymotion) The lovers of canaries continue to mobilize to fight what they call the "FC Kita" and support the recount attempt of the " Collective Nantais ». The goal is to show that "the support of an immense crowd" is possible, and that it can be "the second floor of the rocket" .

- The yellow house (@la_maisonjaune) June 22, 2021

This landing of the 10,000 is important: beyond thirty initial subscribers (including entrepreneurs in the region and former FCN players) who have already harvested more than 10 million euros, popular support is no longer to prove. The petition speaking of "a huge crowd that has never dropped their arms and whose yellow and green flame only requires to be revived" is in the right.

Convince Waldemar Kita will remain the most difficult task.

The EU will gradually remove the cages for livestock animals .
EU-lifting-Cages: the EU will gradually remove the cages for farm animals © Reuters / Pool The EU will gradually remove the Cages for Livestock Animals by Kate Abnett Brussels (Reuters) - The European Commission said on Wednesday that it would propose regulation to progressively prohibit the cages for livestock animals, responding to a citizens' initiative. meaning that harvested more than one million signatures within the European Union.

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